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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Clean Deck

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Sailors are funny.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tom's Bar-B-Q!

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A little something to wet the appetite of our upcoming visitors this holiday season.  We're expecting my Mom and my siblings to visit us here in Memphis over Christmas break.  Mom is coming all the way from the Philippines.  Dad couldn't make it because he has that thing at that thing.

One thing you can be sure of when the Cruz family gets together - we always get our pork on.  So when Tom's Bar-B-Q was featured on one of my favorite shows, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Carol and I just had to go.  Check out the video:

It's a very unassuming place.

I'm guessing Guy Fieri had something to do with the recent addition to the place.

Brisket and rib tips make for a heck of a lunch. 

The sweet tea was SWEET.  Even going half and half with the sweetened and unsweetened tea was a little too much for me.  I was reminded that "you in the south now, boy!"

Beware of any BBQ joint that doesn't have a chimney stack. 


That meal hit the spot for me.  I'm much more of a carnivore than Carol.  She gets easily skeeved out by jiggly pieces of fat.  Me, I'm not afraid of taking a bite and having a vein or chunky piece of cartilage biting back at me.  

Okay.  So this was not my best moment but I think it's a good indication of how much I enjoyed the meal.  Carol tried a piece of my brisket.  She liked it but she trimmed part of the fat off and laid it to the side to throw away.  When she wasn't looking, I grabbed that piece of heavenly goodness and stuffed it down my pie-hole.  I just couldn't let it go to waste.  Needless to say, Tom gets two two thumbs up.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Future Aviator?

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Another flyer from the Cruz ranks?  We'll see.  On a related note, Jake recently asked about how much money Walmart cashiers make.  Who knows what the future holds?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like naval aviation is in CJ's future because he's partially color blind.  Not a good thing aboard an aircraft carrier.  Knowing that it's not an option for CJ kinda bummed me out a little bit to be honest with you.

But hey, aviation, cashier or whatever the boys choose to do - I just hope they enjoy doing it with a passion.  And make enough money to move out of the house.

Working Out Together

Carol and I have a long history of working out together.  You might remember this one:

Working Out

Well, we're at it again:

I think it might be time to start working out with CJ too.  Maybe he can count my pushups or something.

Purple Heart

Jake and his Purple Heart

Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday - Spreckels Park

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Hanging out at Spreckels Park in Coronado, CA in August 1999...

...and again in Oct 2011

They grow up quickly!  That's CJ by the way.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

San Diego!

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One of the challenging things about being a beach bum living in Tennessee is... wait for it... no beaches.  So for Fall Break, we cashed in some frequent flier miles and headed to sunny San Diego.

San Diego has been one of our favorite duty stations.  Coronado is so nice that the President and his family (the Clintons at the time) vacationed there when I was a flight student.  There's incredible Mexican food, awesome weather, beaches, Coronado, the Gaslamp District, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Sea World, and a ton of stuff to do.  Yup, it costs an arm and a leg to live there but man is it nice.

Doing the pose on Coronado Beach.  As you can tell, Jake got a little chilly.  This was on the Navy base.  They're building a new Navy Lodge which I'm sure will get a lot of business.  We stayed in their new cottages on the beach.  Highly recommend them.  Gotta book it early though.

It was great to be able to attend Lex Walker's change of command ceremony where he took over the reins of the USS STOCKDALE.  The Walkers lived across the street from us here in Tennessee.  Here is Ryan pinning on her dad's command pin.  Very nice moment and a really special day.

In the STOCKDALE wardroom with its newest Commanding Officer.

Balboa Park.  CJ remembered one of his favorite things about the park - the big rice crispy treats we'd get after visiting the model rail museum.  Because he was such a big fan of trains, that was a regular outing for us.

CJ doing his best Beretta impersonation.  I'm probably dating myself with that reference.  Robert Blake anyone?

Spreckels Park in Coronado.  CJ played in this park as a little two year old.  Every Sunday during the summers, Coronado would have their concerts in the park.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

We got to visit with the Maves!  It was good catching up.  Doc was the Flight Surgeon for the Airwing back in the day when we were still allowed to roll videos at Foc'sle Follies.  We served together aboard the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON.

Legoland with the Walkers!

Bunch of daredevils!

Sea World!  No trainers were eaten that day.

La Jolla Cove.  The sea lions in the background remind me of what I want to do when I retire.

Jake thought it smelled funny near the sea lions.  He was right.

At the Coronado Ferry Landing with downtown San Diego in the background.

Amy and Carol right before Lex's ship sailed by.  It was great spending some time with Team Walker.  We miss our neighbors.  

So it was really good escaping the arduous 60 degree weather in Tennessee for the perfect 63 degree weather in San Diego.  I have a feeling this wasn't our last trip to San Dog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


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So here's a Tennessee connection for you.  Justin Timberlake is from little old Millington, TN.  I was never a big fan of his until he started doing Saturday Night Live.  I dare you not to laugh at "D in a box."  His opening monologue on his most recent hosting gig was hilarious.  Lady Gaga was pretty dang funny too.

Anyway, JT got extra bonus points for this:

Saturday, November 5, 2011


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2011 is a huge year for Naval Aviation.  Check out the video:

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