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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Tuesday, April 10, 2012
I've enjoyed seeing the many family pictures from Easter that everyone's been posting on Facebook the last couple of days.  The Cruzers had a great time in Alabama this past weekend.  So here's one of my favorite pictures from the entire weekend.  Thank you CJ for this classic Easter Sunday photobomb!

Nothing like a good photobomb on your birthday.  This one is from a couple years ago.  I'm sure CJ is happy about that iTunes gift card he's holding up and the birthday cake in the background but for some strange reason, no one notices those two things in this picture.

Little cousins like to photobomb.  Andrea and CJ thought they were having fun with blueberries but Cooper jumped in and had a little fun of his own.  For me, this picture symbolizes the joys of summer.  

I had no idea how popular photobombing was until I Googled it.  I almost busted a lung at what I found.  Allow me to share.

Cats photobomb.

Cats photobomb other cats.

Dogs photobomb. 

Dogs photobomb other dogs.  Some dogs even photobomb their own breed to make it look like they are one super long slinky dog that can walk around corners.

Horses photobomb.

Fish photobomb.

Here is the extremely rare giraffe photobomb.

Photobombing is very equal opportunity.  White people photobomb.

Black people photobomb.

Asians photobomb.

Even little people photobomb.

Would you believe that Stephen Hawking photobombs?

 The covert photobomb.  Do you see it?

We even had a photobomb of the classic Cruz pose.  The horror!

Thanks for taking this stroll down photobomb lane with me.  Until next time.


So hilarious! I laughed so hard.



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OMG!! You SLAY me!! :-)). SO love your humor!! Tell Carol can't wait to see her!!!!


Enjoyed the photos! It's funny to see you being funny. You're shiny happy people! Any car and motorcycle photobombs?

jennifer anderson

that is so cute!

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Julie Zeh

That "Hawking" photobomb: I would say the photobomb was that blonde douchebag apparently telling the photographer "Hey, take it artsy, rule of thirds style, don't put me in the middle"


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