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Friday, August 22, 2008

We're Here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cruzers are finally in Korea. Welcome family, friends and total strangers that are curious about Korea. This is my first blog entry ever so bare with me as I make the technological leap from two dixie cups and a string to this more modern mode of communication. I think this internet fad just might have some staying power.

Anyway, Carol, CJ and Jake are doing great. I would've said they were doing just "well", but since we found a Krispy Kreme Donuts, complete with the neon "Hot Now" sign, I feel comfortable with saying they are doing great. They were giving out free donuts too! Fred is doing well with Alan and Danita, Joel and Jena out in Suffolk, Virginia. I would've said Fred was doing "great" but since Fred heard the family's voices on the computer during a video conference with Alan's family, he's had a bad case of diarrhea, and is only doing "well". In unison now - "When you're trying to chase a cat and you hear something splat - diarrhea! Plop, plop! Diarrhea!" Sorry, I digress. Anyway, I'm sure by now, Fred is doing "great". Alan, Danita, Joel and Jena - thanks again for taking such great care of Fred. You guys are the best. I'll buttress you all last.

Okay, gotta run to Daegu to hit the commissary, exchange and the boys' favorite international eating establishment - Taco Bell. Next time I'll have more pics, more details and less quotation marks. C2



Krispy Kreme??!!! Sha-weet!!!! So happy you put this up...can't wait to read more about your huge adventure. Love you all!!! - Dana


Great to hear you all are settled and well or great...things are normal here in the greater South Florida area. Got through TS Fay in one piece. SC is still the same.
Got selected for LCDR, should put it on sometime next summer. - Kilgo


We were just talking with Ed about you!!! We are glad that you are all established & found Taco Bell & Krispy'll not miss home much then!!!
Lupe & Lita began high school last Wednesday (after Fay...) & Lita is in junior varsity volleyball!!! She's very happy. Jake's friend, Maria Luisa, began daycare too. I'll be sending pictures in her uniform (she's so cute...) & enjoys every minute of it.
We miss you a lot & great you put this blog so we'll keep in touch!
Love & kisses to all 4!
Ed & Mo


Da Cruzers are so hip - Cruzer Blog! I don't even know what that is, but it seems cool. I am not giving up the dixie cups and string so easily.

All is well with the Halloran's. We are in the Navy Lodge in Lemoore waiting to move into our new house in Lemoore on 3 August. We are still on schedule to be in your neck of the globe (Japan) come June next year.

I am confused how this blogging thing works. It wants me to choose an identity? I thought I already had an identity, but I guess I can be anyone I want?

Hope all is well. I have tried some of those Korean style donuts (Krispy Kreme) before and they are good. Nice to see you can enjoy them fresh from where they were invented! :)


Da Knobbinis


Thank God you are there to keep this family in order. I was a little disappointed that there were no Cowboy movies listed as your favorites. I know that you guys will do a great job in Korea and Cruzer I know that you will have a profound effect on some sailor, airman, soilder or marine. Enjoy yourselves and not to many donuts for you Cruzer.

Ronald G.


You make Busan look great!!! It sounds like your family likes the city and I think that you'll have a far even better time than I had. Ft Belvoir is just across the Potomac from Crystal City. In fact I imagine that you'll probably get a Hotel in CC for the ATFP Level IV course. I'll be around 2-5 Sep, so please give me a call and we'll catch up. All the best, Ron

aunt c

I love the pictures. I feel like you all are close by. Keep us updated!
Love yall!
aunt c

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