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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not To Be Outdone - Jake's First Blog Entry!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

From Jake, with typing assistance from Dad:

My teacher is very good. I have some CDs. I have Bob the Builder and Thomas. My Dad gave me his old MP3 player because I couldn't leave my big brother's alone. I like playing with Charlene at school. I got my name written on the board because I pulled Hannah's hair. And then Hannah got in trouble. Actually, just me. Someone gave me some dried fish on the train. I don't like to rest at school. I like to rest at home. I want them to get the car seats back in the bus. My splinter grew out and Mommy pulled it. I got a spanking yesterday because I runned away, almost in the street. I have a bus at school. I like my CDs. How is the weather? It's sunny here, at school and at home. I love my brother. This email is done. Bye bye! J-A-K-E spells Jake.



Greetings from the Brown's in Pembroke Pines @ Oasis Church. The pictures are great and we are enjoying watching the boys and hearing of their stories (specially Kodie)! I also began blogging this summer...



Jake, I understand that it is hard for you to rest. It was very hard for Andrea and Cooper to rest when they were in school. Just lie down and be still and you might just fall asleep. Anyway, it will keep you from getting your name written on the board because you were a poor rester! As for you not holding your Mommy's hand I only have one thing to say:
"Oh, no, you diiin't!
I love you!


Yet another little apple falling not far from the tree! I'll bet Hannah was wearing pigtails. Boys just can't resist pulling pigtails. (I speak from experience). Resist the urge, Jake. You can do it.

Bernabe Cruz

Nice blog entry Jake. Uncle Beanie says that deserves a wooooooohhhh!!!!


Jake! So you don't like dried fish, huh? Yeah, fish on the Subway never really sat well with me, either. So glad to hear you have a friend at school!


Loving the blog. Is Jake holding little fish?

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