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Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Pics

Monday, December 8, 2008
I am incredibly behind on blogging.  It's been a hectic several weeks with lots of work, travel, family outings and fun.  Here's a random sampling of pics from the last couple of months:

This is from our trip to Seoul.  This temple was beautiful.  It was incredibly ornate and detailed.  I would've said it was memorable but since I couldn't remember the name of the temple, I struck that adjective from the list.

The classic pose.  I felt a little bad cause the guards in red were very professional and there's CJ and I doing our thing.  Not that we were trying to mock them in any way.  We only do our pose for scenes worthy of framing.

This is from the Korean War Memorial in Seoul.  Even though we didn't have time to go inside, the outside area was very moving all by itself.

Here's Carol and I at the Navy Ball in Seoul.  I'm the one without the cleavage.

Boo!  It's Halloween 2008 with CJ the Zombie and the Hunk-a-hunk-a burning love, Jakey Elvis.  Carol was not a fan of CJ's scary costume.

This is Carol volunteering at a nearby middle school.  It was a great time.  She had a hard time getting the girl to her left to come out of her shell.

This last picture is from Disneyland in Hong Kong.  Oh yes.  That trip was a blast.  We went over Thanksgiving break.  I'll definitely be posting on that when I get more time.  It was awesome!  Carol posted a bunch of Hong Kong pics on her Facebook account if you're interested.  

Well, better go for now.  I'll be putting up more pics soon.  Hope everyone is doing great!  C2


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