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Saturday, January 10, 2009

More PI Pics

Saturday, January 10, 2009
The last entry on the Philippines wore me out.  This one will be a lot quicker.  I appreciate all the conversations and emails regarding the trip to the PI.  Got a couple more pics to post from the trip.  Here we go:

We spent a day in San Fernando, the place where I was born.  The former Clark Air Force Base isn't too far away.

I feel a little silly holding up this sign.  There was a reason though.  Check out the words underneath the sign - "Sembrano Apartments."

This is Alan and Beanie in the Philippines as munchkins.  Check out the words to the left of Alan's head - "Sembrano Apartments."  I got to visit one of the very first places where we lived.  Now we understand why Beanie has girl troubles.  

We used to live on the second story at the front of this building in the apartment that faces the street.  Mom said they really fixed up the apartments.

Right next door to our old apartment is the school that Alan and Beanie attended.  You can see the school on the left side of this picture.  You can also see my kili kili.

Here's the school again.

And here's the school when Alan and Beanie attended.  Beanie is 4th from the left in the back row.  You can't really tell but he doesn't have any pants on in this picture either.

Here's the school again.  That's Auntie Memy on the left.  Not sure who that is on the right.

Beanie, center stage at the school.

We got to visit Auntie Pining at her house in San Fernando.  In true Cruz fashion, we didn't give her a heads up we were coming.  Growing up as kids in Norfolk, it was always the Cruz's, Simbulans and Punsalans hanging out.

Speaking of the Cruz's, Punsalans and Simbulans, here are the lovely matriarchs.  Notice the obligatory Last Supper behind Mom, Auntie Lita and Auntie Pining.

This is the hospital in San Fernando where I was born.  In other words, this is where the magic happened.  It used to be only a clinic back then.  Now it's a full blown hospital.  Notice the various forms of transportation in this picture - car, jeepney, wheeler and tricycle.  The horse drawn buggies are popular too.  They get great gas mileage.

This is Mom & Dad's church.  They were married here and the kids were baptized here also.

Just like old times.

Here are a couple of pictures of the surrounding area near Mom and Dad's house.

Neighborhood kids hanging out.

Animals are all over the place.  I thought it was funny that with the conditions out here, Dad's dog and cats are pretty picky eaters.

These monkeys were on the side of the road near the Subic Bay beach area.  In one area, there were about ten of them hanging out.  If you got too close, they'd bare their teeth and hiss at you.  Bunch of animals!

We spent an afternoon at Subic Bay.  It used to be a US Navy Base.

Jake practicing "the pose".  He's almost got it.

Oh the humanity!

Mom and Dad out cold in the cabana after feasting on pancit, barbecue, squid and lechon.

Here are a couple more pics of the house.  This bathroom was huge.

I guess we could've cleaned up the bedroom a little better prior to taking the picture.

The stained glass was a nice touch.

One small point about the house.  For some reason, Mom and Dad have like a gajillion keys to the house.  It takes them a good fifteen minutes to find the right key to open the front door.

Mom took Carol to the local market.  Yeah, she blended in.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  That's all for now.  Until next time -- C2


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