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Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Vacation Part 2 - Florida

Friday, July 31, 2009
The summer of fun continued in southern Florida. From Alabama, we hopped on a flight to Fort Lauderdale and spent a few days catching up with old friends.

Chilling at Las Olas Riverfront in Fort Lauderdale.

One of the reasons for going to Miami - CJ meeting up with his best friend Zachary. That's some sweet facial hair. Ladies are gonna love them when they're old enough to date.

We got to see our Miami house (Pembroke Pines actually) that's being rented out by a really nice military couple. We're lucky to have them in the house. We got to see them and spend some time with our next door neighbor, Beth. There's nothing like good neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, a couple of feathery ones hanging out by the pool.

I got to do some fishing in my old stomping grounds. Here's a peacock bass that tried to escape by wrapping himself up in a bunch of vegetation.

I caught the peacock bass on a crankbait. This is one of the hardest fighting fish in the world. Because they need warm waters to survive, the only place you'll find them is in the Amazon and in southern Florida.

Snagged this largemouth bass off this topwater bait. Love the topwater!

Even though this overzealous mayan cychlid has a tiny mouth, he still went after a big crankbait.

Another largemouth. This time off a lipless crankbait. Can you tell that I love to fish? I haven't been fishing in over a year. Just haven't had time in Korea.

This place is at Las Olas Riverfront in Fort Lauderdale. Their empanadas were featured on one of Rachel Ray's $40 a Day TV shows. This was a regular outing for the Cruz's when we lived in Florida.

Best empanadas ever. The green sauce stuff made them even better. Each empanada is less than $4.

A few doors down from the empanada place was this awesome pizza joint. Their caprese pizza is the best pizza I've ever had in my life. Chunks of fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil and spices - it's a taste explosion. All you south Floridians - go to Argie's Grill for an empanada and over to Riverfront Pizza for a slice of caprese. You won't be disappointed.

We got to catch up with one of my most favorite persons in the whole world. Edisa and I worked together at US Southern Command. It was great to catch up. I miss talking sports with you Edisa!

We also got to attend service at our old church, Oasis Church in Pembroke Pines. It was uplifting seeing old friends and some of the teens from the Youth Ministry that I used to volunteer with. The music was awesome as usual.

The boys with their old babysitter, Kodie Brown. Just a great person that I hope CJ and Jake can emulate.

The pose. Jake's almost got it down.

Wish we had more time on this leg of the trip. So much more good food to eat, friends to visit, sites to see and fish to catch. Until next time -- C2



Thanks for the tip. I went straight from the airport to Argi's Grill.


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