Formerly known as "Cruzers in Korea"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chopsticks & Scissors

Saturday, May 15, 2010
It's no surprise that people love their chopsticks in Korea.  When you get good at using them, it's almost as if you have very long fingers and you're eating with your hands.  The glutton in me still likes the simplicity of a fork or spoon where you can shovel a big old mouthful of grub into your piehole instead of using the chopsticks to eat one kernel of corn at a time.  Painful.

What many people may not know is the prevalence of scissors at the Korean dining table.  With all the noodles and meat that needs to be chopped up, scissors are a very common table utensil.  Check out the video:

This particular meal was really tasty.  Tentacles, nuts, spicy sauce.  Pretty delicious.  Definitely not for everyone though.  Well, gotta go.  I need to cut up a grilled cheese sandwich.


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