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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tennessee Living

Monday, November 22, 2010
Some random shots of Tennessee living:

There seems to be a Cracker Barrel every quarter mile in Tennessee.  In addition to getting a heck of a breakfast at the CB, you'll also get smacked in the face with the loud orange and white.  Honky tonk baby!  

It's a barbecue bonanza out here in Tennessee.  There's the Germantown Commissary, Corky's, Top's, the Rendezvous, Barbarosa and many others.  I have to say that I still have Bob Syke's BBQ on the top of my list.  That's blasphemy in these parts since Bob Syke's is an Alabama establishment.  Hey, I like what I like.

There are some serious bugs here in Tennessee.  It's tough to keep your car clean with so many insects smashing themselves against your vehicle on a daily basis.  During the summer, you gotta keep your mouth closed while jogging unless you want to digest some impromptu bug protein.

The home of Federal Express, Memphis is a world-renowned distribution center.  When you absolutely, positively have to eat good barbecue dressed in loud orange and white, come to Tennessee.

There's some good fishing in these Tennessee lakes.  Just ask famous bass fisherman, Bill Dance.  He's got a weekly fishing show where he proudly wears his Tennessee Volunteers ballcap.  I caught this guy with a lipless crankbait.  Don't worry.  I'm a catch and release guy.  

So while you're fishing in Tennessee, you might want to keep an eye out for water moccasins or his other legless cousins.  Don't worry.  I'm a see a snake and run guy.

Driveway socializing is how we roll in our fun Tennessee neighborhood.  Folks just pull up their portable chairs, pop open a beer or soda and let the kids play their hearts out up and down the street.  You'll get the occasional yell of "CAR!!!" from the parents when someone pulls onto our street.  It's just friendly neighborhood USA here in our neck of the woods.  Hope you enjoyed the quick stroll with me.  Until next time.


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