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Monday, March 28, 2011


Monday, March 28, 2011
So I get up this morning, bang out a workout, shower up and get ready to head out the door for work.  Got the lunch that Carol packed for me, my khaki cover and my keys.  I'm all set for the trek down 385.  Just one thing missing - my wallet.

Where the heck is that thing?  I scour its usual resting place in my closet.  Nope.  Check the car.  Nope.  Kitchen counter, desk in the den, jacket pockets.  Nope, nope, nope.  I check the pants that I wore yesterday when I took CJ to see the movie, "I Am Number Four."  Still a big fat nope.  I'm feeling like Number Zero.

Taking stock of the sucky situation, I know that no wallet means no military ID card which means no getting on base.  Even if I could get on base, I can't do any work on my computer because it requires my ID card.  Ugh.  Not that I'm in a huge rush to hit those 400+ emails.  There's also my driver's license, credit card, cash, etc.  This Monday is not starting out well.

Maybe it wiggled out of my back pocket while watching the movie at the Malco Theater yesterday.  That's the last place I remember having it for sure.  I check online to see if there are any crazy credit card transactions.  Nope.  Just the movie tickets I purchased yesterday.  So now the plan is to wait until the movie theater opens and see if it's still there.  I call the theater just in case folks are there early.  No luck.

I picture Fred G. Sanford yelling at me with his patented, "You Big Dummy!"  My mind is already thinking about having to get a new military ID card, canceling the credit card, getting a new driver's license, etc.  Heavy sigh.  And of course, the Boss is out of the office today and so is the Deputy.  I'm in charge today and I've got a meeting with the Admiral.  And I can't even get on base.  Believe it or not, I was pretty calm about the whole thing.  No need to make things worse by throwing a fit.

And then with the help of Carol, it dawns on me.  When CJ and I came home from the theater yesterday, Jake immediately wanted to wrestle.  That boy always wants to wrestle now, especially after seeing Hulk Hogan deck Ryan Seacrest on American Idol the other night.  So I don't accidentally bonk Jake on on the head with my mongo ring while delivering a deadly clothesline across his neck, I take my ring off.  For you non-wrestling fans, the clothesline is a classic wrestling move, right up there with the figure 4.  I make a little pile on Jake's rug with my shoes, VMI class ring and wallet.  And there that pile remained until the next morning.

As soon as the light bulb came on in my head, I rushed to Jake's room to find my lost wallet and ring sitting inside my Doc Martens.

And then the rest of the day was really awesome.


alizo ortieno

quite an adventure.....

The Cruzers

Alizo - Thank you for looking. I checked out your blog. Very nice. I really liked your "Hatred" post. Keep writing!

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