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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jack the Cattle Dog

Thursday, April 28, 2011
I've discovered something absolutely fascinating at work.  As if I didn't have enough distractions to keep me from being productive, here comes along a jewel of a shiny object to waste even more precious minutes out of my day.  It's the online want ads on the work intranet.  Anybody can go to this public folder and post items for sale.  There are houses for sale/rent, furniture, appliances, video games, gym equipment - you name it and it's on there.  Even pets to adopt.

Here's a recent ad that had me floored:

Jack:  5 yr. old male, pure Australian Cattle Dog, altered, current on vaccinations.  Jack is car trained & house trained.  Jack is a special needs dog - DEAF.  He lost his hearing when he was 2 yrs of age (he was a working dog prior to his accident and was kicked in the head by a cow), but has excelled at sign language and is very intelligent.  He has made the transition from working dog to family pet beautifully and is an amazing addition to an active family.  Because Jack was a working dog on a very large cattle ranch, he does have a very high prey drive; therefore, Jack is best suited for a home without small animals (to include cats).  Jack would be best suited for a family with no children or older children. Jack has a very domineering nature (as do all dogs that have been working herders) and is excellent with other dogs.  Australian Cattle Dogs have a very high energy drive.

A deaf dog that got kicked in the head by a cow that knows sign language and might eat your kids.  Awesome.  You can't make this stuff up.  


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