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Monday, June 6, 2011

Alabama Thanksgiving

Monday, June 6, 2011
I'm trying to be more prompt with my blogging.  With that said, here are pictures from Thanksgiving.  The drive to Alabama is a short 4 hour drive down Highway 78.  It's been years since we've been able to spend Thanksgiving with Carol's family.

Fishing at Uncle Sammy's lake yielded this nice largemouth bass.  Cold weather means you break out the suspending jerkbait.

Another nice fatty.  I think I got seven bass that morning.

Driving around in the country in the back of a pickup truck.  Oh yes.  I love that the boys get to hang out with their cousins.

Big day here.  This was the first time CJ fired a weapon.  We got to shoot all sorts of guns in his Uncle James' backyard.  Charlton Heston would've been proud.  I'm thinking CJ grew at least one chest hair that day.  And also started his journey towards a hearing aid.

Of course I gave CJ the safety brief - don't point the weapon at anyone, no jokes, check the safety, etc.  So what happens the first time he handles a revolver?  He points the weapon at an imaginary person and says, "There's Miley Cyrus!  Bam!  Bam!"

Shooting cans with shotguns reminded me that you should never...

... break into a Southerner's house.

The good looking women in Carol's family.

Got to have lunch with three of my favorite ladies in the whole world - Carol, Angela and Katrina.  They've been friends for a long time.

Watching the Iron Bowl (Alabama versus Auburn) with Aunt Charlie.  Wish the outcome was different.

We usually stay with the Walker's when we visit the country.   Some of the nicest people you'll every meet.

Happy Thanksgiving (6 months later)!

We try and hit Bob Sykes BBQ in Bessemer every chance we get.  I have to say that Full Moon BBQ is giving them a run for their money though.

Carol and her Mom.

Honestly, CJ isn't trying to give Grandma an uppercut.  After eating a big meal, she checks the boys' muscles to see if they're growing.

The good-byes aren't nearly as tough since we know we can come and visit again.

So that was Thanksgiving weekend in Alabama.  Family, friends, food, football, fishing and firearms.  What more could you ask for?


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