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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Garden Party and World Walk

Saturday, October 4, 2008
Hello everyone! Here's another slice of Korea for you. Some random pics for your viewing pleasure.

This is the Busan Foreign School (BFS) that CJ and Jake attend. We are extremely happy with the school. The Principal and entire staff are very professional and just seem to be a really good group. On this day, other nearby schools visited for a friendly field day competition, including the International Busan School (IBS). IBS was the other school Carol and I were considering for the boys. After CJ got to hang out with some of the IBS students and staff, he said we definitely chose the right school. Besides, who wants to go to a school that has the same initials as Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

This is me and Lieutanant Colonel Tripp Blanton - a great American, Citadel grad and Commanding Officer of 837 Transportation Battalion. MSCO Korea and 837 Trans are the main players at Pier 8 where I work. Tripp and I took charge of our respective commands on the same day in a joint (Army and Navy) change of command ceremony. On this evening, we, along with our lovely brides, attended the Annual Korean American Garden Party. To get the full fru-fru effect of this event, you must stick out your pinky, lift up your chin an extra twenty degrees into the air and say, "Gaaahh-den Paahh-ty", because it wasn' t a "Garden Party"; it was a "Gaaahh-den Paahh-ty". Of course Tripp and I did our best to dumb down the event with brown liquor.

Speaking of lovely brides, here is Carol and Martie. What would we do without our better halves?

My XO and I got to meet the Mayor of Busan recently at a big Anti-Terrorism Demonstration. I mentioned my idea of backing people away from airport baggage claim carousels so that it would be easier for everyone to retrieve their bags. I think he liked the idea.

Here's CJ and other kids from the Busan Foreign School at the starting line for a big "World Walk" event. Many different countries throughout the world had World Walk events on the same day. It drew over 20,000 walkers in Busan. The folks in orange jackets are International Olympic Committee members and distinguished guests from Busan. That's the Mayor of Busan right behind CJ.

This pic gives you an idea of how big this World Walk was. The building in the middle of the picture is where we live. We are right across the street from the BEXCO, a big convention center. There is always something happening at the BEXCO. Oh, I forgot to tell you. The goal of the World Walk was to draw attention to a very important cause - to back people away from airport baggage claim carousels so it's easier for folks to retrieve their bags. Thanks Mayor!
Enough silliness for now. Have a great day! C2



How did CJ end up behind the mayor of Busan at the walk? Of course, leave it up to CJ to be doing the hi-ya karate style moves while all the other children and adults are standing at attention.......


AAAAwwwwsoooommmmmmme!!!!! Specially your american way of talking Korean....hahahaha!
By the way...Carol looks great!!! (my envy mind is speaking).
Miss you all!
The Lluberes


ooops....sorry! I meant "envious" mind (I'm being infected by Chris' Korean!)

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