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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Latest w/ the Boys

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Ah, chilling out on a Sunday morning. Just finished scarfing down some biscuits and gravy, a Carol favorite. Now she has some apple cinnamon biscuits coming out of the oven. It's carb-loading Sunday I guess. I've come to the conclusion that it's much easier to just accept who you are - extra pounds and all, rather than work out diabolically to get your body in the shape it was when you were 23. What if soft and gooey bodies became the "in" thing? Wouldn't that be awesome? I feel so terrible for David Haselhoff and all those times he had to suck in that gut during the "Baywatch" years. Just let it go and love yourself man. Look at that wallowing mud mammal of a man, Jack Nicholson. Everybody loves him. Everyone - just let those six pack abs go. It'll be all right.

I'm looking out the window at the BEXCO crowd lining up for whatever event is going on down there. BEXCO is the Busan Exposition/Convention Center which is right across the street from us. They hold many cultural and family events there but most importantly to the boys, they've got a McDonalds and a Dipping Dots ice cream place.

Life is busy but good here in Korea. We've definitely gotten into our groove. Carol joined the BIWA - Busan International Womens Association and stays busy with BIWA meetings, volunteering, raising the boys and pleasing her man.

CJ has become quite the socialite at school. For some reason, the little kindergarteners like to chase him down during recess and he accomodates them. He's just as comfortable hanging out with the older kids too. Yeah, I think he's liking the school. He did get in trouble recently though. He mistakenly only finished half of his homework paper and got a bad grade because of it. No computer for a week. I think he would've preferred the old school filipino beat down instead. During the no computer week, he actually had to use the dictionary instead of to look up and define his vocabulary words. The horror! Parents, I suggest you get the little ones into an actual hard copy dictionary at least a couple of times so they know how to really use it. BTW, CJ just looked over my shoulder and said he wants to do another blog post. Something about his computer suspension. Stand by for that.

Here is a picture of CJ participating in an art contest at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery. The kids were supposed to draw something at the cemetery that inspired them. The only rule was that they were to produce their drawings by themselves. To the right of CJ, I caught this father helping his son with his art project. As you can see, the Koreans take education very seriously here. If you look closely, I also captured some of the father's butt crack.

More pics of the cemetery:

The cemetery is a very moving place. Carol and I were explaining the significance of the cemetery to CJ. We showed him the names of the deceased that were inscribed on the many walls. Later in the day, as CJ was drawing his project, he started to get real quiet. He actually shed a couple of tears. He told us that the meaning of the place just overwhelmed him. I hated that he got sad, but I really think he got it.

And then there's Jake...hmm.

The man holding the bullhorn is Mr. Scott Jolly, the Principal of Busan Foreign School. When the Principal visited Jake's nursery class, Jake told the Principal, "I'm gonna throw you out the window!" That little guy is fast becoming a stinker. He's gotten his name written on the board by the teacher a couple of times now. Not a good thing. He's even been caught trying to erase his name off the board. Might be time to break out the open hand smack.

Here is CJ and some of his classmates singing for the International Olympic Committee at a very big event at the BEXCO. He even got his picture in the "Dynamic Busan" newspaper. Notice that he's holding a girl's hand. Pretty good blackmail material.

Better go for now. Don't forget to vote. C2


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