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Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Random Pics

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Hello family, friends and total strangers interested in Korea!  Enjoy the pics.

Here we are chilling at a nice spot in Dalmaji Hill before heading off to church.  The English service starts at 4pm on Sundays.  This later time took a little bit of getting used to.  I miss going to church first thing in the morning.  It was always nice to be able to start our Sundays with church.  Then you have the rest of the day to gamble and drink.

Here's some Korean graffiti at the Dalmaji Hill spot.  Someone hearts someone.

Carol has learned to kick it Korean style.  She's putting on her high heels in the car.  That's the way the Korean mama-sans roll.  They also wear their shorts year round.  To heck with the cold weather!  Just slap some tights on under them shorts and they are good to go.

Here are some of the folks from the Filipino group at our church.  They are such a fun loving, energetic group.  Carol and I are probably the only ones that don't speak Tagalog.  They let us hang out with them anyway.  After church service, the group usually does dinner at a nearby place.  The boys love it when the dinner destination is McDonald's.

Here is Ceej (CJ) at the HomePlus by our house purchasing the latest Lego Bionicle toy.  Ceej gets 2000 won every week for his allowance.  That used to be about $2 but with the current won rate, it's only about $1.40.  I guess it wouldn't hurt to bump up his allowance.  Look at that boy's face.  He's got no idea he's getting jipped on his allowance.

Don't be alarmed now.  The symbol on the lantern means peace.  Adolph Hitler took this spiritual symbol of peace, reversed its direction, and transformed it into the infamous swastika - a true symbol of hate and intolerance if there ever was one.  It was a little shocking to me when I first started noticing this symbol around temples and other places.  Now when I see it - I just think of peace.

Jake's getting pretty independent.  He wanted to take off and throw away his own pull-up diaper.  He did just that but also threw away his pajama bottoms too.  Oh well.  BTW, he's been out of diapers for awhile now.  We just put him in a pull-up at night every now and then, especially on Sunday nights after a long day of drinking.

Ah, bulgogi!  This is Korean style barbecue.  The bulgogi restaurants have mini grills built right into the tables and hoods as well to suck up the smoke.  This is one of my favorite meals. 

You slap the marinated meat on a leaf of lettuce with some sauce and other stuff.  Oh man it's good.  I'm salivating as I'm typing.

Last but not least, here's Jake, the current Student of the Month for Busan Foreign School.  He's come a long way from wanting to throw the Principal out the window and pulling ponytails to Student of the Month.  I'm proud of the little guy, even though he's holding his certificate upside down.  Until next time -- C2


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