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Monday, April 27, 2009

4 & 40

Monday, April 27, 2009

So Jake and I both celebrated our birthdays in February.  He turned 4 and I turned 40 on the 24th and 28th respectively.  

We had a little thing at the house for Jake.  He requested a strawberry cake.  I think he liked it.  Either that or he just got mooned.

There was also the group birthday party at the Allen's house.  

The Allen girls, Emily, Hannah and Madeline, are on the left.  The Jolly girls, McKenna and Macyn, are on the right.  That's Suzie wearing brown next to Jake.  She and McKenna are best friends.  Yup, my two boys surrounded by girls - just like their Dad back in the day.  

One of the reasons CJ enjoys going to the Allen's house is because of the Wii.

This one is actually from Easter at the Allen's.  Jake got a little too excited while hunting for Easter eggs and had a little dribble.  No big deal.  He just put on a pair of his best buddy Hannah's underwear.  Yup, just like his Dad back in the day.

So these pics are from my 40th birthday party at the house.  Carol was concerned that we were gonna have too many people in the house.  It worked out okay.  That's what hallways are for.

That's Tripp cutting the rug.  He's always a ball to be around.

Here are some of the birthday presents Tripp got for me.  Nice.  Throw in the little blue pill and now you're really talking.

Carol did a great job setting this all up for my 40th.  It was a blast singing, dancing, drinking and just having a good old time with friends.  You only turn 40 once, right?  Until next time -- C2


Em and the Fam

Happy Birthday Chris and Jake!


Happy Birthday to you both!

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