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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trump World

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
We love our apartment.  What's not to love about living in a Trump Apartment?  There's no way we could afford a place like this in the US.  The apartment is in Centum City, the nicest part of Busan if you ask me.  It's very clean, safe and has lots of upscale shopping and good restaurants.  We're very close to the yacht club (not that we frequent that place), the brand new Shinsegae entertainment complex (more on that later) and right next door to the Busan Exhibition Convention Center (BEXCO).  There's always a lot going on over here.  We're a short walk from the Outback, McDonald's, Starbucks, two movie theaters, a drive in theater, three parks and a lot of other stuff.  The Shinsegae is two blocks away and is now the largest shopping mall in mainland Asia.  Along with all the shopping, the Shinsegae has an ice skating rink, world class spa, IMAX theater, golf driving range, world food court and market and a massive book store.  Anyway, here are some pics of the apartment:

The living room with the mountains in the background.  We're on the 29th floor.

The plasma TV came with the apartment.  Two of them actually.  The Korean table is one of our favorite pieces of furniture.  It has some cool carved designs in it.

More buildings and mountains out the window.

I'm wondering how many folks have high powered telescopes in Busan?

We're actually living in the Trump World II.  My predecessor lived in the Trump World I which you can see in the background of this picture.  We really should plug in this electric piano.

This is a brand new apartment.  I was knocked out when I saw the floors and all the cherry cabinets.

The kitchen / dining area.  Since CJ sits at the end of this table for meals, he likes to pretend he's Donald Trump at the board room.  Fortunately, he hasn't fired me yet.

The two yellow things are the pumelos Carol found at the Daegu commissary.  Delicious.  

The master bedroom.  This is where the magic happens.

One of these days, I'll actually use this thing.  CJ and Jake love taking baths here.  I'm wondering how many people I can moon at the same time.

CJ's room

Jake's room.  And there's Jake.


I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour.  All you Navy guys out there - if you find the opportunity to get orders out to Korea, I'd jump all over it.  It's good living out here, especially in Busan.  I'm actively searching for a replacement for my XO right now.  He's in a very nice high-rise too and even closer to the beach than I am.  Anyway, off to Australia tomorrow.  Like I said, good living out here.  Until next time -- C2



Can I come be your XO? I put on O-4 soon...Mr. Green and Mr. Brown reunite...what we could get into in Korea.

Hope all is well down under.


joe b.

My wife and I recently looked at an apartment in Trump World with a very similar floorplan. Two questions... Did you have an American style dryer? If so, where did you put it?

Thanks and apologies for being the stranger that asks questions out of the blue.

The Cruzers

Joe, we had a Korean style washer and dryer that was to the right of our kitchen. I think you could fit a US style washer in there but you'd have to set up an exhaust of some type. Hope that helps.

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