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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sunday, June 7, 2009
This blog entry has nothing to do with Korea other than the fact that we use the a2bTV service to get our US channels.  The a2bTV service allows us to use DirecTV and a DVR through a Slingbox.  We basically get American TV through our internet.  Like Napoleon Dynamite's brother sang, "Yes, I love technology."  I mainly got it so I could still watch my Miami Dolphins even in Korea.  

So the other day, Carol sees an ad for the upcoming reality TV show, Big Brother.  Yes, we both admit that we're reality TV junkies.  When Carol typed in the word "BIG" on the DirecTV so that she could record the show, here are the entries that popped up:

What I find disturbing is that in order to have Big Black Booty Attack 7, there must've been Big Black Booty Attack 1 through 6.  Until next time -- C2


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