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Monday, June 15, 2009

Scissors in Korea

Monday, June 15, 2009
Because of all the work related social events I have to attend, a significant portion of the paycheck goes to the babysitter these days.  I'm thinking that when the babysitter graduates from college, I should at least get to sign the bottom of the diploma because of my part in funding her college tuition.

Anyway, the babysitter was watching the boys this past Saturday.  Dinner for the evening was Domino's pizza.  For some reason, the pizza was not sliced.  So what does the babysitter use to slice the pizza?  Scissors.  Yup.  Regular old scissors.  That's the way they roll in Korea.

When you go to restaurants, scissors are part of the kitchenware, just like a knife and fork in the US.  Scissors are used to cut meat into smaller chunks at bulgogi and sam gyup sal (pork barbecue) restaurants.  It's actually very convenient once you get over the mental hurdle.  What is not cool is when you get a dull pair of scissors.  Makes cutting the meat over a hot grill rather tedious.  

Here are some of the MSCO Korea team having lunch at a sam gyup sal restaurant.  You can see how you would need scissors to cut the long strips of pork into smaller pieces.  This is one of my favorite meals in Korea.  You take the pork and put it in a lettuce type leaf with other stuff.  Very tasty.

On another scissors related topic, Korea is huge for using Rochambeau, or the "rock, paper, scissors" game as the decider for major decisions.  You'll see people playing at bars to see who drinks.  I hear that difficult decisions are even settled using this method.  There's actually another Korean version of rock, paper, scissors with different hand gestures but you get the point.  Might explain some of the antics we see out of North Korea.  Hmm... conduct nuclear test, imprison US journalists or invite the Philharmonic Symphony?  Rock, paper, scissors.

Anyway, next time you lose your pizza slicer, or need to make a major decision,  just break out a pair of scissors.  Until next time -- C2


Em and the Fam

Hmmmm...I am just wondering if you all actually put the pickles on your pizza or eat them as a side.


We have 3 pairs of kitchen scissors now! Every home should have some! Hehehe...
We also use "Rock, Scissors, Paper" for important decisions, like who has to change the baby's stinky, poopy diaper.
Of course, if I lose, I still make my husband do it. Guess I'm not as Korean as he is so I don't respect the game as much as him! Hehehe..^^

The Cruzers

Scissors take on a whole new meaning in Korea! With so many scissors in Korean restaurants, I'm wondering if there are more accidents - you know, people running with scissors?

The Cruzers

Oh Em - definitely eating the pickles on the side. They serve pickles everywhere here!

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