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Friday, August 28, 2009

More Haeundae Beach

Friday, August 28, 2009
As the summer draws to a close, I felt compelled to blog about beautiful Haeundae Beach one more time. Some of these pictures are courtesy of my friend Roger. Thanks Roger!

Utter madness! Check out how many folks go in the water with their shirts on.

We had a lot more rain this summer which hampered the tourist season. Last year, Haeundae Beach broke the world record for the number of umbrellas on a beach at one time. Not so much this year. Still, this beach is always happening. For 5000 Korean won (about 4 US dollars), you can rent one of these umbrella spots for the entire day. Vendors walk around the beach selling chicken, beer and other stuff. Seems like only the westerners are on the beach without an umbrella.

More skyscrapers and apartment buildings go up in Busan everyday. Doesn't look like the global economy is slowing things down too much in this part of the world.

It's as if the entire country of South Korea descends upon Haeundae Beach in the summer. Makes for incredible people watching.

The hotel in the background on the left is the Westin Chosun. That's where President Bush stayed when he was in town a few years back. It's one of the nicest hotels in Busan. Our good friends, Paul and Shiela are singers at O'Kims, one of the bars/restaurants at the hotel. Carol and I love to hear them sing. That's one of our usual spots when we go out.

In the different plazas and stages at Haeundae Beach, many different shows are going on to entertain the masses. This is from one of the outdoor night concerts.

Lots of dancing and singing going on at the beach.

Not your typical sight in Korea.

Rain or shine - the Korean ladies love their high heels...

...even at the beach. I've actually seen women wearing high heels in the sand in their bikinis. Wonder if ankle injuries are higher in Korea than in other countries?

Protection from the sun is very important for many Koreans. I think these two left their sunblock at home. I'm sure it's one of the reasons why Koreans age so gracefully.

Many Koreans walk around with umbrellas in order to stay out of the sun.

Not everyone is afraid of a little sun tan though.

Well, time to get the day started.  We're heading to where else - the beach!  Until next time -- C2


Cool Keenan

These pictures are great!

The Cruzers

Glad you like the pics.


Wow! Been to Busan but missed going to Haeundae Beach during the Summer.

Great great pictures!

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