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Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Stuff

Monday, August 10, 2009
No rhyme or reason to these pics whatsoever. Here we go.

Carol was invited to learn how to make kim chi at a friend's house. Here are some of the ingredients they used. Yup, cabbage and hot stuff. At first, I couldn't stand kim chi. Now, I'm addicted. For me, it's more addictive than sushi. Remember the SARS epidemic that rampaged through Asia a few years back? Well, it totally skipped Korea. They say it's because the kim chi kept everyone healthy. I believe it.

Here's Carol at a Busan International Women's Association (BIWA) function. For this icebreaking event, they had to memorize and sing a Korean song.

That's Shiela from the Filipino group at our church. She's crazy about Jake. The Filipino group is such a fun crowd. Can't help but smile when you're around them.

In the subways, you'll see these cabinets with gas masks. Gotta be prepared.

That's Mr. Kang on the left and Mr. Yun on the right. Mr. Kang passed away from a heart attack a few days after I took over the command. It was a tough time. Mr. Yun is our youngest Marine Transportation Assistant. We are fortunate to have him on our team.

This is Pier 8. We move a lot of gear! That's the USNS Pomeroy in the background, one of the Military Sealift Command's prepositioning ships.

This was a push-up competition with the Republic of Korea Port Operations Group (ROKPOG). These ROK Army soldiers were having their Foundation Day and celebrated by having many sports competitions. My command works closely with the ROKPOG. We even share space at Pier 8.

CJ and I stumbled upon a Sci-Fi movie museum on Haeundae Beach called Movie in the Box. They had a bunch of Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, Aliens and other cool movie stuff. We geeked out.

Random thoughts:
- CJ still takes forever to eat.
- Jake got in trouble and had all of his Buzz Lightyears and Woody's taken away.
- If a kid has more than one Buzz Lightyear and Woody, are they spoiled?
- Gotta figure out where we're going next after Korea.
- Carol was at the beach today with friends and their new baby. An old Korean woman accidentally got sand all over the new baby.
- It was good to be back at our church yesterday even though I nodded off again. I have to stop that.
- A good day is when I get a workout in. I need more good days.
- One thing I learned this summer: you hardly ever see people frowning on a waverunner.
- People don't throw enough dance parties.

Until next time -- C2



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