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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Korean Flag Shipping Program

Saturday, September 26, 2009
The Korean Flag Shipping Program (KFS) is a government level program between the US and Republic of Korea (ROK) where, during a contingency, up to 59 Korean-flagged commercial vessels agree to bring fuel, supplies and ammunition to the Korean peninsula. The KFS vessels are in addition to all of the military vessels that are on tap to bring cargo during a contingency.

MSCO Korea's part in the KFS program is to conduct the annual on-hire ship surveys and communication checks with the KFS vessels. These surveys and comm checks help to ensure the ships are ready to do their mission when called upon. MSCO Korea also coordinates with the many different stakeholders to make this program happen. These stakeholders include US Pacific Command, US Transportation Command, Military Sealift Command, Sealift Logistics Command Far East, US Forces Korea, ROK Navy, ROK Ministry of National Defense and ROK Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs.

Every year, MSCO Korea participates in the KFS Working Group Conference. We discuss issues such as ship requirements, KFS standard operating procedures, KFS activation procedures, KFS use during exercises and overall readiness.

"I caught a fish this big." Me giving a brief during the KFS Conference.

The KFS Conference was held in Pohang, Korea in 2008.

We visited the hometown of ROK President Lee Myung Bak near Pohang.

Enjoying a traditional Korean meal during the conference.

The 2009 KFS Conference was held in Hawaii. This picture is from a traditional Hawaiian luau that our group attended. That's Dr. Yu on the left, one of the KFS experts on the USFK staff. The relationship building between the US and ROK members during the conference is very important to the success of this program. I'm thinking that anything that begins with "lu" and ends in "au" is a good thing.

Mr. Chon is the senior Marine Transportation Specialist on my staff. He is key to making things happen with KFS.

The KFS team conducted an on-hire survey on the KFS ship behind us. We inspect the engineering spaces, communication equipment, bridge, safety equipment, etc. Just as important, during these surveys, we reaffirm the importance of the KFS program with the ship's Master and the many ROK officials that come down for the surveys.

Coincidentally, we've got another round of KFS communication checks and surveys this coming week. We've been able to make significant improvements to the KFS program during the last year. We always have to be ready. Until next time -- C2



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