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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Wednesday, September 30, 2009
I'll be the first to admit that Carol probably sees things in the dirty laundry that she'd rather not see. This particular pair of underwear had her extra confused:

Before you start worrying that I have an imbalanced sphincter problem, let me explain this picture. No, my butt does not have an aiming problem. While I was at the KFS Conference in Hawaii, I forgot to bring my shoe shining cloth. I ended up using this clean pair of underwear to shine my brown shoes. Can't be looking like a slob at an important conference. So that's the shoe polish stain you see on the right side.

Well, I thought nothing of it and threw the pair of underwear in the laundry when I got home. As a general rule, the Cruz household usually avoids the topic of skidmarks in normal conversation. I guess the sight of this pair of underwear was just too vexing for Carol so she brought it to my attention. After my explanation, we had a pretty good laugh.

Don't know why I shared this with you other than the fact that my last two posts were all business, work related and devoid of humor. I'm back! Until next time -- C2


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