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Friday, October 16, 2009

APEC Nurimaru & USNS Pomeroy Tour

Friday, October 16, 2009
More pics with Mom. I know some of these are redundant cause of the recent video I posted. I love redundancy though. BTW, you might've seen some of these on the recent video I posted.

This is at the APEC Nurimaru Park, a beautiful location in Dongbaek Park just a few minutes from our apartment. APEC stands for Asian Pacific Economic Conference. Nurimaru is a combination of two Korean words - nuri, meaning world and maru, meaning summit. In 2005, a huge world summit was held in the round building behind us and was attended by many Presidents and leaders of countries . This is also where Carol and her exercise group go to walk. It's one of my favorite places to run because of the air, scenery and soft track.

That's the Gwangan Bridge behind us.

Haeundae Beach in the background.

I don't remember any of my grandparents at all. I'm really glad that CJ and Jake know their grandparents well.

Mom got to see my workplace. Here we are outside my office.

In my office. Jake kept messing with my coins on the left.

Disregard the full in-box.

Carol was tempted to do a Jane Fonda type pose on top of the armored personnel carrier but opted against it.

On a separate visit, Mom joined some of the women of the Busan International Women's Association (BIWA) for a tour of the USNS Pomeroy at my workplace at Pier 8.

Lunch onboard the ship. Those were the best crabcakes I've ever eaten. I've got the recipe if you're interested. Seriously. The BIWA ladies are gonna print the recipe in their next magazine.

On the bridge of the Pomeroy with Captain Mike Finnigan. He's a great Captain with a fantastic crew. His father served with PFC Ralph Pomeroy during the Korean War, who the ship is named after. PFC Ralph Pomeroy was a medal of honor recipient.

Wish Mom could've stayed longer. She was probably worried that Dad was starving himself in the Philippines. I shouldn't talk. When Carol went to the US this summer, I ate nothing but vienna sausages and potato chips. Better go for now before I digress even further. Until next time -- C2


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