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Friday, October 23, 2009

More Random Pics

Friday, October 23, 2009
It's a beautiful fall day here in Busan. Got some fun family stuff lined up today. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking about all the work I've gotta get done this weekend - a couple of briefs, write a speech, prep some training, plan my next couple of trips and some other things. So what am I doing instead? Blogging. Oh well.

In honor of the recent Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) that just finished up last week., here's the movie poster of the popular Korean movie, "Haeundae." It's a disaster movie set right here in Busan and Haeundae Beach. One weekend while driving across the Gwangan Bridge, we saw the movie film crew taping scenes for this movie. Cars were toppled all over the place, smoke was everywhere and bloody actors were writhing in pain all across the bridge. When I say bloody, I don't mean England type of bloody as in "not bloody likely" (insert bad accent here), but bloody as in there was fake blood on them to make this disaster movie scene even more dramatic.

Carol screening my blog posts before I hit the "publish" button. Usually a good idea although I do hold veto override powers.

A lazy Saturday morning.

That's Doctor Spooner, the Navy doctor at the Chinhae Navy Base. He does a great job taking care of all the military folks and the civilian merchant mariners that work for Military Sealift Command. He's not Jake's favorite person though when he has to get shots.

Because of the clothes dryer situation, this is how we dry sheets. Carol might take exception to my use of the word "we." I think the word "she" might be more accurate because of my lack of participation in the laundry department. Hey, I bring home the bacon though.

Jake being Jake

There are a couple of strategically placed vacuum hook-ups like this throughout the apartment. Very cool and very convenient. No need to lug around an entire vacuum. Just hook up the long hose and we are good to go. In that last sentence, I should probably substitute the word "we" with ... never mind.

Kimchi fried rice. Delicious. Jake gets first dibs at the egg though. His love of eggs is how I know that he is a true Cruz. The egg gene seems to have skipped a generation with CJ.

That's Jasmine and Marwa working on a school project with CJ. Lesson learned: when you dump water all over cardboard, the cardboard will get wet and soggy.

Sometimes the boys and I do sleepovers in the living room. Pseudo camping I guess. Lots of fun until Jake gets into that up too late, irrational zone. Then I'd rather drink a glass of elephant snot.

Jake getting a haircut at Pier 8 from Ms. Chung.

Hope you enjoyed the randomness of it all. Until next time -- C2


Em and the Fam

I love the randomness. I am very curious about the dryer situation. Do you have a small dryer, no dryer, or a preference for dining room dried sheets?
Sending our love to your family

The Cruzers

Hey Em,

Carol is the expert here on your question but I think she's allergic to the blog. We have a dryer-type thing. It's a box that has several horizontal hanging bars on it. You hang your stuff on the bars and a couple of hours later, your stuff will get kinda dry and crispy. Not optimal but it does the job. Can't wait to have a US style dryer again! Hope you guys are doing well.


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