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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Thursday, November 5, 2009
The Shinsegae is a block and a half from our apartment in Centum City. It is now the world's largest department store. I know this because of all the Guinness Book of World Record signs all over the Shinsegae stating that it's the world's largest department store. It's a pretty impressive facility. It has an ice skating rink, world food court, many restaurants, huge book store, high end stores that we can't afford to shop at, a golf driving range, grocery store, regular movie theater, Imax theater, a rooftop park overlooking the city and a massive spa with many naked people running around. Most importantly, they have a Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The Shinsegae is right next door to the Lotte Department Store mall, which is pretty impressive too. In these tough economic times, you can't have enough luxury department stores.

To give you an idea of how huge the Shinsegae is, here is a picture of one of the bathrooms. Just kidding. This is a closet.

Carol likes to walk to the Shinsegae to grab a bagel and cream cheese at the Au Bon Pain bakery. They are so friendly in there. The manager usually gives the boys a free bread stick or snack during their visits. I think it's cause Carol shows him a little leg.

Lots of Greek statues in the Shinsegae lobby area. Great place for a toga party.

We interrupt this blog post for a quick toga party flashback.

Outside of the grocery store area is a long line of herbs, roots, mushrooms, tree trunks, twigs, powders and other natural things that are "good for health." This is a very popular Korean saying - "good for health."

The Shinsegae is so massive, you can have actual airplane dogfights inside the building. If you blow the picture up, you can see the Guinness Book of World Records signs hanging on the balcony.

I needed a little help to figure out the food court. At first, I went directly to the food place to order food. Wrong. You have to go to the main counter and tell them the number of the dish you'd like to order. I had a Sanford and Son flashback standing in front of the restaurant with no one helping me. "You Big Dummy!"

So after you order your food from the main counter, you look at this digital board and wait for your number to come up. Wow, that sounded kinda fatalistic.

They have a kiddie play area too. I imagine this is what the spa is like except everyone is naked.

Koreans take physical health very seriously. Notice the mouth covering thing these food handlers wear. I'm thinking of buying a couple of these contraptions as Christmas presents for those friends who have that "say it, don't spray it" problem.

Simple yet effective. These watermelon holders make lugging fruit home so much easier from the Shinsegae.

There's a very cool ice cream/gelato place at the Shinsegae that we like. You can get three flavors of ice cream in one cup for pretty cheap. The place is called Gusttimo. I would've taken a picture of all the colorful ice creams but I got shut down by the ice cream workers. Guess it's top secret kinda stuff. I felt like I just had my Soup Nazi experience from Seinfeld.

Anyway, there's our stroll through the Shinsegae. Until next time -- C2



I just have to say that I LOVE Gusttimo Gelato~!! Panacotta is my favorite flavor, it is by far the best gelato in Korea. Shame they wouldn't let you take a picture, it is really lovely looking. Do you get the mini-ice cream cone on top of your cup of gelato? Our son loves that part the best. ^^

Em and the Fam

That place looks so cool!


Don't miss out on a truly fun family experience at Shinsegae. I know you are worried about your demoralizing it can be for Korean men to witness the true manliness of the male Cruzes, but don't be so considerate. The hot spring is truly a great place to check out. I am sure your whole family would love it. You can put the free PJs on and head straight for the co-ed clothing mandatory areas. They have 20 hot saunas, an ice sauna, an outdoor foot sauna, a hot floor, a TV lounge with individual TVs, a movie theater with big reclining seats, and and internet room. Your kids will love the fact that they can charge things at the snack bars on their locker key and you will get the bill on the way out.

Lilas Conuts

Hello from Nouméa
Thanks for sharing

The Cruzers

Mommycha - will definitely try the Panacotta. Heck yes we got the mini cone! I love that place.

Em - I think it's almost as close as your nearby shopping area in Pearland. Hope all is well!

Avram - Congratulations my friend! Hope things are going well with you, Rie and the baby. Looking forward to seeing you all when I return from TDY. Yeah, the family has to try the spa thing.

Lilas from Noumea - thanks for looking!

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