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Friday, March 12, 2010

Carol's Brownies

Friday, March 12, 2010
Carol's brownies are quite the hit here in Korea.  I'm biased but I think they'd be a hit in the US too.  Carol's had several Korean and international friends over the house to teach them how to make her homemade brownies.  She'll go out and buy all the ingredients and measuring cups and make sure her friends get properly schooled up in the art of brownie making.  Then Carol will send the measuring cups, brownie making paraphernalia, and of course the brownies themselves home as gifts for her friends.  For Chuseok, Lunar New Year and all of the pigging out Korean holidays, it's a real nice treat for these Korean ladies to make something special for their family members.

Jake requested brownies for his birthday dessert.

Carol made a bunch of brownies for the Busan International Women's Association (BIWA) Christmas Bazaar.  This is their biggest fundraiser of the year.  Every time there's an event at school, a get together at someone's house, a full moon, a month ending in the letter "R", or a day ending in the letter "Y", Carol gets asked to make brownies.

Here's a quick story of brownie love:

This is during Staff Sergeant Soto-Perez's farewell.  Not the most flattering picture but there is a tongue reference in this story.  Carol baked some brownies for the party and she made some extras for Soto to take home.  Well...

Kemmeh on the left loves Carol's brownies.  Even though it was Soto's farewell, she wanted the brownies for herself.  In a vain attempt to establish ownership, Kemmeh enthusiastically licked the brownies.  Did this deter Soto?  Hecks no!  He still claimed the brownies, saliva and all.  Being the gentleman that he is, I heard he and Kemmeh came to a mutually agreeable solution.  Either that or Soto was reminded that Kemmeh's husband is bigger than him.

I'm thinking Kim Jong Il and President Lee Myung Bak could try their hand at brownie diplomacy.  Sanctions, shmanctions.  How about world peace through brownies?  Just saying.  C2

p.s. shoot me an email if you want the recipe


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