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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Memory

Friday, December 31, 2010
I ran across these pictures as I was clearing up hard drive space on the iMac.  As we're about to ring in 2011, here's a New Year's Eve moment some of you Virginia Beach friends might remember.

I'm thinking I was in the 8th or 9th grade when we had a New Year's Eve party at my folks' house in Salem Village.  Breakdancing was in full effect.  I was a member of the Fil-Am Rockers breakdancing group.  We were a very credible group that had bookings for performances and everything.  I remember performing at some of the hotels on the boardwalk, a couple of festivals and even doing a gig for a Senator.  Hey, he was a  State Senator but who's counting?  Most of the members were at the house that night..the night IT happened.  IT was Billy Cassity's incredible headspin:

Bill Shree executed the most awesome headspin ever on that memorable night.  I forget how many revolutions he made or how long he was in the air.  It must've been at least a half hour - in Inception time.  We were in shock as it happened and erupted in giddy screams of joy, laughter and congratulations after it happened.  It was as if we were watching Michelangelo laying on his back painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Thank you for that headspin Bill Shree - a humble Spaniard who delivered the morning newspaper to earn his wages (yes, a paper route) and drove an old monster Cadillac to school everyday that brazenly occupied three parking spots.  Bill would always live on in breakdancing lore because of his New Year's Eve accomplishment.

On the left is Ant Brown covering his eyes in disbelief.  Yes, it was comparable to looking directly at the sun.  That's Jaried Frogosa at the top left sporting the big 80's hair and the cutoff shirt to allow the ladies to see his guns.  You can't see it but I'm sure Jaried has a hairbrush in his rear pants pocket.  I'm on the right with my Ocean Pacific shirt, baggy pants and rad mullet.  Although my hairstyle says business in the front and party in the back, on that special evening, the hair balance of power was definitely on the party side.  There I am, arms extended and ready to sacrifice my body to protect one of my Dad's prized possessions - his big Sony stereo speakers.  I was prepared to get kicked in the head if it meant that Bill Shree's legs wouldn't come crashing down on Dad's speakers.  You would think that while wearing those parachute pants, Bill's legs would have a more controlled dismount, especially with the side zippers open to facilitate the aerodynamic characteristics of the pockets, helping to capture more air and control the deceleration velocity during the endgame of the headspin.  No such luck.

These two pictures belong in a time capsule.  Parachute pants, Members Only jacket, headspinning, hairstyles, fashion and teenage drama.  I wish the quality of the picture was better but what do you expect from a Kodak Disc camera.  Remember those beauties?  The photo even has my brother Beanie on the left with his Bruce Lee Kung Fu gear posing with his revenge fist.  Beanie has since changed his preference for martial arts.  He's very much into his Jujitsu now.  The teenage drama part - well, the girl up front is Jenny Chapman, one of my ex-girlfriends who started dating my good friend Ruben Soliman after we broke up.  Ruben is the guy sitting behind Jenny.  I should point out that Ruben's hair is both feathered and layered.  I didn't bat an eyelash at him dating my ex.  I just don't do grudges.  Still don't.  But now that I look back with more mature eyes, it might not have been the most comfortable evening for Jenny.  Maybe her expression in the picture says it all.  Ah, to be young again.

I just noticed my Mom's Lladro porcelain flowers on the lower left corner of the picture.  If Bill Shree had come crashing down on her Lladro, I would've been paying that off instead of saving up for my next Sergio Valente shirt.

I'm not sure what headspinning moment tonight's New Year's Eve party will bring.  But like many years ago, hanging out with good friends is always a good start.  That and making sure you don't break anything, from a headspin dismount or any other party action.  

Time to get ready for tonight's party.  Here's to 2011!


Bill Shree

HA! Funny stuff - I met Christy at that party...good times and memories.


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