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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Tennessee Living

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
So we've been in Tennessee almost six months now.  Verdict - we like it.  Here's the second edition of some of the reasons why living in the Volunteer state is a good thing:

Even though I haven't had time to do much fishing, the times I've gone have been fun.  I caught this fat catfish in the little pond by our house.  Sucker was about two feet long.  I threw him back in the pond so hopefully some lucky fisherman will get the chance to catch him again.

The neighborhood kids love their Rip Riders.  It's like a biker gang when the kids are scooting around on these things.  They've got tiny wheels on the back that enable them to spin like dang hurricanes.  Lots of fun, especially when you come bolting down a steep driveway to pick up loads of speed and tornado into a massive spin.

Man I missed grilling while I was in Korea.  I recovered a significant portion of man genes the first time I burned animal flesh upon my return from overseas.  Gotta love the beer butt chicken.  You can't see it, but each of these birds has a can of beer shoved up their butts.  Makes for some delicious poultry.  Google it and grill it.  You won't regret it.

Ah, the only man in history that could make sequins look good - Elvis.  This is from Carol's visit to Graceland.  

Our street is great.  The kids actually go outside and play.  Here they are playing kickball.

Remember "Duck, Duck, Goose?"  Old school.

But the best thing about living here in Tennessee is our neighbors and friends...

They're so nice, they even let me win our big neighborhood fantasy football league.

 Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you're enjoying your place as much as we are.  Time to watch another SEC football victory.  Go Razorbacks!



My friends and I get together and barbecue. We have this small grill (perhaps not like your gigantic one) but still it's good :)

Btw, I live in Korea and I am also a blogger:

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