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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wednesday, March 23, 2011
I always seem to be a couple of steps (or months) behind on the blog.  For example, here are some pics from our Disney trip that happened back in October.  I know that everyone has Disney pictures but these are special.  These are ours.

This was while waiting for the tram after a long day at the Magic Kingdom.  What was truly magical was the guy on the left wearing the wife-beater t-shirt to Disney.  He's rocking that shirt.

That's me falling asleep during an exciting Nickelodeon live action show.  It was so exciting, Jake is facing opposite the stage.

And then there's this beauty of a picture that's suitable for framing.  I'm thinking a better location for the sunglasses for Carol was over her eyes instead of sitting on top of her head.  What's with the ripped up jeans?  A couple years from now, that boy's gonna be wearing a wife-beater t-shirt to Disney.

Only the best pictures for this blog.  Enjoy.


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