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Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Thoughts #4

Friday, May 27, 2011
Random Football Thought:  Here's my first bold football prediction of the year --- Marc Bulger will lead the Miami Dolphins to a great season in 2011-2012.  I should point out that this prediction is extremely bold because 1) Will there even be an NFL season or will football players loot the streets and wreak social havoc if there's no NFL season as Ray Lewis predicts? 2) Marc Bulger is not even on the Miami Dolphins roster and isn't even a starting quarterback.  And 3)  He doesn't even use a "k" in his first name like normal people.

Just blaze on by this part for you non-football heads.  Yes, he hasn't had a good season in a couple of years.  I think a shoddy offensive line is the reason for that.  With a good line - like the Dolphins should have this year - he should be solid and gunning the ball all over the field like he did in St. Louis.  The Ravens would love to keep him but probably won't be able to due to starting opportunities elsewhere.  I'm thinking he could do what Chad Pennington did in his first year with Miami.  

I don't think good quarterbacks wake up one morning and realize they suck.  Like Kurt Warner, when his line wasn't strong with New York, he had mediocre seasons.  And then he lit it up again with Arizona.  Let's see what happens...

Random Food Thought (s): 

What kind of cuckoo leaves a plate of collard greens next to a gas pump at a BP station in Bessemer, Alabama?

This one gives new meaning to loving potato chips.  BTW, it's hard to lose weight when you scarf an entire bag of Ruffles potato chips in a single sitting - even if they're low fat chips.

One of my all time favorites - softshell crab.  It's awesome in sushi or just by itself.  Fat-free too.  Or not.  Side note:  Alan - I found a place here in TN that's got em.  Oh yes.

Random Jake Quotes:

"The Bible says we shouldn't call people fat lards."

"CJ, go stand in the corner and think about your life."

Pet Thought:

Doesn't Flannigan realize I'm Filipino?  He's tearing up his pillows without a care in the world. He's lucky we adore him.

Navy Thought:   Moving is hard.  Duh.  I just hit 20 years in the Navy and in those 20 years, we've done 9 moves.  And we're not finished yet.

I was reminded the other night of how tough the good-byes can be.  We said farewell to the Walker family last week.  That's Amy with the rabbit ears.  It was a fun night.  Got a bounce house for the kids and "juice boxes" for the grown ups.  Only a couple of bounce house injuries.  Nothing permanent.  Yes, like the picture suggests, military folks are used to seeing the backsides of people with all of the constant good-byes we endure.  It's a challenging thing to ask of any family.  But hey, at least we get that cool commissary privilege.

Seriously, with Memorial Day weekend upon us, I'm grateful for those brave souls that answered the call to serve - and their incredible families as well.  As evidenced by the many tears the other night at the neighborhood farewell, military families sacrifice a tremendous amount.  And I'm talking blood, sweat and tears - blood in loved ones lost, sweat from days spent in the 120 degree heat of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, and tears over the long days, weeks and months of separation.  Please remember these things as you enjoy this special weekend.  Now go stand in the corner and think about your life... 



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