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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Special Mother's Day Gift

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We have some very cool neighbors.  It's common for us to do things for each other - lend tools, pick things up while you're at the store, help with parties, etc.  So when Amy from across the street said she could use some raspberries while Carol was making a run to the store, it was no problem at all.

After Carol comes back from the store, she sees Amy outside across the street.  She asks Jake to walk the berries over to Ms. Amy.  He takes his happy little self and scoots on across the street, the whole time with Mom's watchful eye over him.  And so after Jake delivers the goods, Amy, in total jest, says to Jake in a loud voice so that Carol across the street can hear, "You tell your mother she's the WORST neighbor ever!"  Amy repeated it just for good measure.

Of course, Carol could hear the whole thing.  Both Moms got a chuckle out of it.  Carol and Amy have really gotten to be good friends and so the ribbing is common between them.

Jake trots on back to our driveway.  Already knowing the answer, Carol asks Jake, "So what did Ms. Amy say?"

"Umm, let's go inside first," Jake says.  They go into the garage.  "We should go into the house too," says the little guy with some nervousness in his voice.  

So now with the garage door closed and them deeply imbedded inside the house where Ms. Amy surely can't hear him, a very curious Carol asks Jake, "So what did Ms. Amy tell you to tell me?"

And Jake lifts up those big brown eyes and quietly says, "Umm, Ms. Amy said thank you."

There's the little guy that didn't want to hurt his Mom's feelings.

Mother's Day at the Air Force base in Osan, Korea two years ago.

Mom with the boys over 40 years ago in San Diego.  I'm the one drinking the bottle and being held by Mom.    That's the Coronado Bridge on the left.

Mom with the Cruz boys (three of them anyway) at our house in Coronado.  This was when Dad was working at the BOQ on North Island.

Another Coronado picture.

Here comes Darby!

And along comes Lee.  Here we are at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia.  I used to like looking at the airplanes takeoff from one of the hills at this park  The hill had a great view of the Norfolk International Airport.

While the whole family is rocking the heck out of some polyester, I'm starting a whole new fashion trend with my patches.
Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous Moms!


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