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Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I was amazed the first time I experienced the 4th of July with Carol's family in Alabama.  Many years later, I'm still amazed.  Check out this video made by Carol's cousin, Leenie.  It'll give you a good peek into how Independence Day should be celebrated.  Thanks Leenie for the video!

Jake had a little attitude problem before the festivities began so he needed a little alone time in the corner.  I'm glad I didn't need to break out the fireworks for Jake to turn things around.

 That's Carol's mom on the left.

Nothing like dipping in the pool on a warm day.

The cousins finally meet.  CJ, Jena and Andrea got to hang out at the lake prior to the big 4th of July celebration.  They got along great.

More cousins - Angela and Carol.  They get along okay too.

 Aunt Annie and some of her grandkids.

The veterans get called up to the front by Uncle David (on the right).  The flag belongs to Carol's dad who served in the Army in the Korean War.  He passed away when Carol was 18. 

The O'Neals

 Passing out the balloons.

Getting ready to release the balloons in honor of Grandmother and Grandfather.  The 4th of July was their favorite holiday.

And away they go!  Quite the sight.

Time for the parade around the pool.

Aunt Charlie and Aunt Joy jumping in after the parade.

You know it's a hot day when they jump into the pool.

And that's how you do the 4th of July in Alabama.  God bless America!


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