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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It was unseasonably warm in Alabama this past Thanksgiving day.  The sun was shining bright on these lovely ladies.  Behind them is the field goal post that Uncle Don put up so the twins, Trent and Austin could get some practice in before auditioning for Nick Saban.  After the overtime loss to LSU a few weeks ago, we heard the University of Alabama was in need of a kicker.

The young cousins having fun in the back of Clyde's new truck.  

Zack, Jake, Lori and Cooper.  Can you guess which one loves lemons?

Remembering Grandmother and Grandfather on Thanksgiving.

After attempting a few field goals myself, I have a new found respect for kickers.  The next day, the inside of my left leg was wobbly like a newborn giraffe.  Trent and Austin were both booming them with accuracy.

Prepping for the Black Friday sales.  We forgot our pepper spray.

So here's Carol putting the kibosh on Jake riding in the back of the tractor, at least while another six year old was driving.  On cue just a few minutes later, CJ comes toppling out of the back of that thing as it took off for its next fun ride.  Carol's spider sense is still working.

One difference between the Thanksgiving gatherings I experienced growing up and the gatherings here in Alabama is the turkey.  When you have big gatherings like here in Alabama, it's much easier to have the turkey already carved up and ready to eat so there's not a huge wait when it's time to grub down.  The bird is already sliced up and on a platter.  There's only one catch with that though.  There's no magnificent golden brown bird to gawk at on the dinner table.  You know us filipinos.  Taking pictures of food is in our DNA:

See what I mean?  This is from a couple of years ago at our house in Miami.

No matter how the bird is prepped, we're really gonna miss these Alabama Thanksgivings since we're probably moving next spring.  Such is the life of a Navy family.  Wherever we celebrate Thanksgiving next year, I'll make sure to take some pictures of the food.

Here's a short Thanksgiving video that Leenie put together.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.


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