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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
I felt confident that Alabama would get the win last night because I found it hard to believe any team could beat Nick Saban twice in one year.  The sheer magnitude of the butt-whooping doled out by the Crimson Tide was surprising though.  I almost felt bad for Les Miles.  Almost.  So that's three National titles for ol' Nick.  Awesome.

The Legend - Coach Paul William "Bear" Bryant in his trademark houndstooth fedora.  He's had his fair share of National titles too.

And so in honor of the big Alabama win, I present a small collection of houndstooth pictures.  There are plenty of Alabama fans in Tennessee.  This fan couple was in front of the Graceland mansion.  She's got on a stylish houndstooth winter jacket and he's got the more informal Alabama hoody with houndstooth liner.  That's my brother Beanie's hand on the right.  He's quite the prognosticator.  With his fingers, he's holding up the number of points he thought LSU would score in the big game.  He was exactly right.

I was gonna post the link that accompanied this gem of a picture but it was kind of mean-spirited so I decided to leave it out.  Although we may have our own opinions of proper maternity wear, you have to love this couple's spirit.  Oh please help that baby.

So as a Miami Dolphins fan, I've forgiven Nick Saban for ditching the team a few years back. As a Crimson Tide fan, I hope he keeps bringing more of the same.  Roll Tide!


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