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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sausage Biscuit

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My brother Bernabe (Beanie) who lives in New York wrote this note recently.  I thought it was pretty cool.


I'm not a pious person. I'm not a religious person. I don't pray as often as I should. I don't regularly attend church. One would find it hard to believe that I'm a Christian, because I've not led an exemplary Christian life. 

I am a Christian, and as many times that I have failed to live up to the standard that Christ has set for us, I know He wants me to always forge ahead. "Leaning forward in the foxhole" is the phrase one of my old platoon Sergeants used to say. 

That is neither here or there. It is related and simultaneously unrelated to the purpose of this note. One of the things I do consistently is warm my car up for about 5-7 minutes in the morning before work. While I'm sitting in my car waiting, I usually pray. Regretfully, it is often the only time I'll pray during that day. This morning I asked God to take care of my family and friends, as I usually do, and to take care of me. I also requested that God send people my way that need help. That need a blessing. That need a break. Did he ever. 

It's 7:20 AM as I'm writing this. God has already answered my prayer twice, and the Sun is barely awake. I was sitting down at a McDonalds eating an Egg McMuffin. (2 for 3 by the way, 600 calories), when a young woman walked into the restaurant, approached me and stopped 3 feet away and said rudely. "Buy me a sausage biscuit!!". No exaggeration. 

I looked at her and paused. Inside I was telling myself if this person were male, I would quickly tell him to remove himself from my vicinity or face dire repercussions.  Again she said "Buy me a sausage biscuit!!" I looked her right in the eyes and remembered my prayer and said, "Is that all?". She replied, (no kidding), as if startled by my response "Umm, get me two!!" I replied "How about something to drink?"  She said that's ok. I think she felt guilty. I thought it peculiar to enjoy two sausage biscuits without a nice beverage. 

I stopped mid meal, stood up, and went right to the counter. I ordered her two sausage biscuits and swiped my card, and sat back down to finish my meal. As I was concluding my meal, I wondered if she would thank me. Every time I've ever wondered if someone would thank me, it has never happened. Sure enough, she got her food and walked right out of there without looking back. I thanked God quietly.

Later, as I was leaving, in a not so dramatic incident, I saw a scruffily clad fellow who definitely looked like he needed nourishment. I had my fruit and oatmeal to go in my hand and offered it to him. He politely denied. However, another fellow saw this and immediately yelled out "I'll take it!!" So his it was. 

Upon driving away I realized how good God is. He may not have answered my prayers for more carnal and material things, but He gives me what I need. He nourished me this morning. I guarantee if we ask God to send people our way, He won't disappoint. 

A quick note by B Cruz
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