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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mom's Visit - Kumgang Park

Friday, October 2, 2009
Had a great day yesterday sightseeing with Mom. We hung out with the Filipino group from church. The plan was to relax at the hot springs, ride the cable car up Kumjeong Mountain, hit a nearby amusement park and do some karaoke in the evening.

Mom's arrival at the airport.

One big glitch. CJ got sick the night Mom arrived.. This is the bucket we laid by his head just in case he needed to throw up. Unfortunately, he did throw up. It didn't end up in the bucket though. Our couch has seen better days.

Mom on the subway with some of our friends.

This is at the hot springs place. First off, I thought it would be an outdoor place. It was a lot different than what I had in mind. There was no co-ed hangout place like the advertisement showed. Instead, in order to enjoy any of the different relaxing water spa areas, you had to get butt ball naked and be separated into dudes and girls. Because I didn't want to intimidate the other members of the group with my naked manliness, we decided to forego the hot springs and move on to lunch.

Mom enjoyed her first Korean meal of kalbi and sumgyupsal - beef and pork barbecue with a bunch of sides. She really liked the food. Wasn't crazy about sitting on the floor though.

Although Mom's not much of a daredevil, she handled the cable car just fine. The views were fantastic. The cable car takes you up Kumjeong Mountain.

Alvin, Edwin, Charlie and Grace

Mom with Amy who is a missionary in Namhae.

This park was really something. Very relaxing and lots of great natural sites. That's one of the things I love about Busan. You've got the hustle and bustle of the city but you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the beach and mountains.

Mom got to see firsthand the picture taking craziness that ensues when we're around the Filipino group. Makes for good memories.

The mountain is a popular place to hike.

Within the mountain park are several amusement park rides. Our group hopped onto this crazy excuse for entertainment. It was insane! Amy was scared out of her gourd, Ludy didn't stop screaming for a milisecond, Edwin had the death grip on not only the oh sh__ handle in front of him but the oh sh__ handle in front of me too, and one person even barfed. Definitely worth the price of admission. I think some of the folks unintentionally crocheted permanent doilies into the fabric of their seats. The ride operator should be committed.

It was a really fun first day. I hate that Carol and the boys couldn't join us but CJ was miserably sick. He's doing a lot better today though. Until next time -- C2



Glad to see you are having so much fun. Too bad the hot springs did not turn out the way you expected, they really are a special part of Korea. Rie and I like the co-ed places too, but have not found any good ones in Korea yet.


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


The Cruzers

Thank you very much for reading. I appreciate your kind words.

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