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Friday, December 11, 2009

Mini-Bar Surprise

Friday, December 11, 2009
As we're all prepping for the holidays, everyone has a list a mile long. Christmas shopping, get the tree up, decorations, Christmas pageant, church stuff, wrap the presents, write the Christmas letter, crash a Presidential party, on and on. Hey, it will all work out. Don't stress yourself out.

When things get hectic, what helps to relieve the stress is a nice cold beverage. Carol and I spent the night at the hotel where we had our work Christmas Party last week. Great party by the way. I'll post some pics soon. So we're in our hotel room and Carol checks out the mini-bar. Here's what she sees:

Looks like your typical mini-bar, right?

Upon closer inspection:

Whoah! Placenta?

I've read an article or two about how folks eat the placenta for health benefits. Something about how animals do it all the time. It's supposed to relieve post-partum depression and other pregnancy complications. Just me talking but what about that other huge complication - you know, of having to eat the placenta? Hope I'm not offending anyone that partakes in this practice. It's just that I haven't personally overcome that mental hurdle yet, you know, of eating the placenta. Anyway, for those interested in learning more about this topic, here's an interesting article from Time magazine:,8599,1908194,00.html

Back to my original point of a stress-relieving cold beverage. Don't forget to kick back a cold one with a loved one. Might I suggest Bailey's on the rocks or a nice eggnog maybe. A little Christmas music in the background doesn't hurt either. Heck, if you're feeling a little frisky, throw in a little baby-making music too and make those yuletides gay. Okay, poor choice of words. We all get so wrapped up in what we have to do that we forget to enjoy this great time of year. Hope you're all having a great holiday so far. Until next time -- C2


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