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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Costco and Onions

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Costco is awesome. We used to have to drive to Daegu to get our Costco fix. That's about two hours away. You never know when you'll need a barrel sized can of peaches.

Now we have a Costco in Busan, just minutes away from our house. This is a very significant thing for the military folks here in Busan, especially since we don't have a commissary or exchange in the city.

One of the cool things about Costco is that you can get a super cheap lunch right there in the store. Where else can you get a hot dog and coke for 2,000 won? That's about $1.75. And that includes all the onions you could possibly want.

Koreans love onions. Notice the lock on this onion dispenser at Costco. In many bulgogi (Korean barbecue) restaurants, customers get served a big bowl of onions as a side dish. Usually you add a special sauce to your side of onions.

I've seen many Koreans load up their plates with onions at Costco and eat them like a side dish, usually with some mustard or ketchup.

Check out this guy's pile of onions.

Here's a closer look.

I'm guessing this Costco employee spends a lot of time refilling the onion dispensers.

Well, only six months left in the onion eating capital of the world. We are really going to miss Korea. Hope you have a great New Year's day. Until next time -- C2



that makes me hungry. that place looks so busy which i think people are always on the run, they seems like enterprenuer though

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