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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ramblings at 4 in the Morning

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Not that you asked, but here is a short diatribe of random thoughts from a sleepless little brown man in Korea:

- I'm disappointed in seeing some of my military friends on Facebook talking so negatively about President Obama in their status updates and comments. Not because it's President Obama but rather because I think the military needs to support the President regardless of political party or personal preference. Military members take an oath that says we will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over us. Yes, obeying orders and supporting the President are two different things, but when military members publicly bad-mouth the President in an open forum like Facebook, in my opinion, this is wrong. Consider the fact that there are strict rules for the military on campaigning for a President they support. Bottom line for me is that as a military man, no one should even be able to tell who I voted for. They just need to know that I will wholeheartedly support whoever the President may be and unflinchingly follow any orders from the President or any of my superiors. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

- It's the big Pier 8 Christmas Party tonight. Lots of hard work went into this event. Really looking forward to it. I'm so glad Paul and Shiela are able to sing for us tonight. They are the singers from the Westin Chosun Hotel at Haeundae Beach. It would really be a different event without them. It's gonna be an awesome night!

Here's a picture from last year's Christmas Party. This is the leadership from the Republic of Korea Port Operations Group Team (ROKPOG), 837 Transportation Battalion and MSCO Korea .

- Time for the birds and bees talk with CJ. I never had that talk with my Mom and Dad. You can imagine my surprise when the first hair popped up in my nether regions. Sheesh.

- I miss flying.

Getting ready to launch off the aircraft carrier on catapult 4.

Coming back from a good flight.

- I could've spent an extra week in Thailand and it wouldn't have been enough. Phuket was fantastic. Will post some pictures soon.

- Still working the next set of orders. We contemplated going overseas again but decided against it for a number of reasons. One being the poor health of our other family member back home, Fred, our 15 year old furry friend. Here is a short tribute to our great dog Fred that I taped last week in Thailand:

- My change of command is scheduled for 30 June 2010. I've got less than 7 months to go here in Korea. We are really going to miss Busan. What an incredible tour this has been so far. Well, better get back to bed or work. One or the other. Until next time -- C2


Esther Berg

Hey Chris - I have similar feelings about the president. Its not about serving a man (or woman) but serving the country and respecting the office.

I used to speak ill of our denominational church leaders with whom I disagreed. It was tradition to stand when the person holding the highest office entered the room - I always refused. But one day I was seated with a man who had held the highest office - he became my friend in the prior year, so I knew he didn't like the man any more than I did, so I was surprised when he stood. He explained to me that he honored the position, not the person, out of respect for the church and in service to the Lord. Even Apostle Paul apologized for not appropriately respecting the office of high priest when he was informed the priest was present, even though he had just had Paul slapped in the face. (Acts 23)

I have changed my ways these last 10 years and try to show respect for whatever office is held as respect to my Lord who gave them that position.

The Cruzers

Hello Pastor Esther - I think you just summarized the topic a lot more eloquently than I did. Thanks for the comments. Hope you and Kate are doing well.

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