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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eden Valley is a ski and golf resort in Yangsan which is about an hour from Busan. We went there recently with the Allen family to go sledding and had an absolute blast. Part of the fun was seeing everyone bundled up like we were gonna trek across massive spans of ice glaciers with the Idatarod dog sled team. It was pretty frigid.

Couple of pointers if you're thinking of going:

- Don't go too early in the day. Wait for the sun to come up a little so it'll only be very cold instead of brutally cold.

- Beware of the hot chocolate that they sell. It was kind of expensive and really hot. I mean "burn yourself on McDonald's coffee and sue them" hot. But most importantly - and I learned this the hard way - the hot chocolate doesn't agree with 100% of the population. Good on them for using real milk. Bad on me for not thinking through that whole lactose intolerant thing.

- When sledding down the hill, you might be tempted to put your feet down into the snow to either help steer or slow you down. I suggest that you keep your feet up, otherwise you'll get a nice face full of wet snow from where you dig your feet in. That wet snow in the face will turn your kids off in a quick way.

- And last pointer, wear good shoes that have traction. I thought I'd be smart and wear my heavy duty work boots to keep my little piggies warm. I had no idea those boots would be so dang slippery. I couldn't walk a few steps without falling down. People probably thought I was drunk. That artificial snow made for a hard surface too. After a couple hours of sledding and all my falls, I felt like I had just finished playing running back for the Miami Dolphins.

Anyway, sledding was a ton of fun. When we weren't on the sledding slope, Jake, Hannah and Emily were in this hole digging their way to China. You'll see the hole in the video. They were having so much fun in that hole until this employee from the morale suppression team comes up, kicks the kids out of their play place and starts shoveling and digging snow out of the hole. Not sure what he was digging for. Maybe he was trying to excavate his sense of humor or some kindness? Couldn't he have done that shoveling later? That's when we decided it would be a good time for hot chocolate. And also a good time for my bowels to start imploding. I'm very jealous of you regular milk drinkers.

Enough of my commentary. Here's the video. Until next time -- C2

P.S. Almost forgot - ROLL TIDE!


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