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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watching Football in Korea

Thursday, January 7, 2010
Warning to non-sports fans. Football talk up ahead:

I am not a fan of half effort. If you're gonna do something, you might as well do it right. I really don't like it when these National Football League teams rest their players once they've got their playoff berths locked up. If you ask me, it's shameful that teams don't go all out to win those last couple of games. People pay good money to see these NFL stars in action. Football tickets are expensive. They want to see Peyton Manning slinging the rock, not some dude named Curtis Painter. Yeah, I get the whole avoiding injury thing. One of my favorite players, Wes Welker, went down the other day with a torn ACL. But that can happen on any given play on any given game. The Colts should know better than most teams how important it is to keep your players playing. Not playing a meaningful game for a couple of weeks will get you sloppy and out of synch. Think about all those years where the Colts got bounced out of the playoffs even with a first round bye. A big part of that I think is because they were resting their players and they hadn't played a meaningful game in weeks. The one year when they didn't rest their players was the year they won the Superbowl. Just saying.

I'm a Dolphins fan by the way. I do think Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano will take them to the promised land. I just hope it's sooner rather than later. Us Dolphin fans have been waiting a while now. Even with being a Dolphins fan and the whole 1972 undefeated season thing, I was miffed when the Colts started resting their players against the Jets a couple of weeks ago. They had a chance at perfection and just let it go. If you're gonna play, you might as well win. I'm not a huge fan of booing but I can definitely understand the jeers the Colts players heard that day from their own fans. Those fans didn't pay to watch a team give half effort. I wonder how that would hold up in court if a fan sued to get money back from the NFL because he didn't get what he paid for. At least in an exhibition game, you know you're gonna see the backups.

My brothers Bernabe and Lee tailgating with me at Dolphins Stadium. The Fins lost to the Cowboys that day. As bad as a loss that was for me, I was happy for my bros.

I'm smiling because this is before the game.

Carol and I at a Dolphins game in Miami way back when. Little did we know, Carol was pregnant with CJ during this game. I had just gotten home to Jacksonville, Florida after a 6 month deployment to the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf.

Anyway, what does this post have to do with Korea? Almost nothing, except for the fact that to watch my Dolphins here in Busan, I get up at 3am. Makes for an interesting Monday at work. We have this service called a2bTV which is basically a Slingbox that's hooked up to DirecTV back in the states. I get the NFL Sunday Ticket which allows me to watch all the football games. I can even record the games on the DVR. If I can record the games and watch them whenever I want, then why do I get up at 3am? Cause there's no way I can sleep knowing that the Dolphins are playing on the tube. That's why. I can't ask you to understand. Anyway, I've had my last 3am game I think with the regular season over now. Can't wait to watch football on a lazy Sunday afternoon like normal people. It's the small things in life. Until next time -- C2


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