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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Special Donuts

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
You don't see this everyday. So earlier I wrote about how Koreans love onions. It would make sense they love garlic as well, so much so that they have garlic flavored donuts. Check it out:

One of the special donuts you can get at a Dunkin Donuts in Korea.

My garlic intake has at least quadrupled since coming to Korea. I've been known to eat whole cloves during a good bulgogi meal. I know, sexy. Koreans will tell you that onions and garlic are two staple health foods.

I hear the best garlic is from Namhae which is about three hours away from Busan. Some church friends of ours went to Namhae for a family visit and came back with a couple of big sacks of the special garlic. Their teenage daughter was complaining about the overpowering garlic smell in the car the whole way. Ah, the travails of a Korean teenager. Maybe her parents were afraid she was dating a vampire. Until next time -- C2


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