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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sunday, October 10, 2010
After yet another silly incident in the Cruz household, I was reminded of Goldilocks from the famous fairy tale - you know, the little blonde that rudely trespassed at the Three Bears' property.  I always thought she got a free pass in that story.  There she was messing with other folks' furniture, eating their food and even sleeping in their beds.  The nerve of that little girl.  Maybe a better alternate ending for that story would be something like, "...and the Three Bears saw her sleeping in the bed.  They quickly dismembered her and gnawed on her bones for an afternoon snack.  The End."

So here's what happened the other day.  While typing away at the computer desk at home, I suddenly felt the earth shift underneath me.  I came crumbling down to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

"And Goldilocks broke Baby Bear's chair..."  

If a chair breaking down under the weight of your rump roast ain't a sign that you need to lose some weight, I don't know what is.  After hearing the crash and bang of me tumbling to the floor, Carol rushed into the room and immediately fell out laughing after seeing my pitiful self on the floor next to the chair I had just demolished with my immense girth.  I'm always happy to entertain my lovely wife but dang, did she have to laugh so hard?  I swear milk would've flown out her nose if she was drinking some.

So this was the first sign that I might want to leave my work desk and get on the treadmill once in a while.  The second sign was getting ready for the Navy Ball.  While putting on those high waisted pants for the dinner mess dress uniform, I was reminded of how stuffed sausage is made.

I know.  I know.  I'm in a lot better shape than most people and I shouldn't complain.  Gotta keep yourself motivated somehow though.  Ridicule is as good as any.

BTW, did you notice the white paw on the right side of the picture?  More on that guy later.


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