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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Record Curly Fry

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
There's good and bad in this picture:

Yeah, Jake's eye looks pitiful after accidentally getting hit in the eye with a baseball bat.  Good thing it was a plastic bat instead of something like adamantium.  So Carol and I had one of those long parenting evenings in the emergency room where you're quickly reminded that your other perceived emergencies like work stuff, the weekend plans and piles of laundry don't mean jack squat.  You just want your kid to be okay.  And he was.  Whew.  Side note:  Couldn't the hospital have given us the reams of paperwork to fill out while we were just sitting around the waiting room doing nothing?  Instead, they give us the paperwork at the end of the visit to ensure we get the special wonton extended ER experience.  Grrr.

So after our late night ER fun, we do what any good nutrition-conscious parents would do - hit the Arby's drive thru window.  And that's where Jake stumbles across this beauty of a curly fry.  That's gotta be a world record holder there.  I challenge you to show me a longer one.  And we even had six inches of this fried magic break off.  I know what you're thinking.  Chris photo-shopped that bad boy to impress friends.  Nope.  That's pure potato goodness you're eyeballing there my friends.  You can live a lifetime without experiencing a starch that amazing.  It was yin and yang in action.  A baseball bat to the orbital socket followed by the mother of all curly fries.  A good trade-off?  I think you know the answer to that one.



oh Jake...l see you are still doing great!!!lol glad Jake is okay even though he's eyes look pitiful!! :)


Yum! Love curly fries.

Hope Jake's eye gets better!

The Cruzers

Haney and Aein - Jake's eye is doing just fine. Thanks for the comments.

Aein - I took a look at your website. Very nice.

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