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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kraft Not-So-Easy Mac

Sunday, October 3, 2010
I was reminded the other day that I'm an idiot.  Allow me to explain.

Carol is really good about packing lunches for me and the boys.  The teachers and lunch ladies at school have even commented on the beautiful and healthy lunches that Carol packs for CJ and Jake.  Well, we had a late one at the emergency room the other night.  Baseball bat to the eye for Jake.  I'll get to that story later.  Everything is fine now.  Anyway, to lighten the load on Carol, I told her not to worry about packing me a lunch the next day so she could sleep in.  I would just take one of those microwaveable Kraft Easy Mac macaroni and cheese things.  How hard could it be to prep one of those?

So lunchtime rolls around at work.  I read the directions on the package.  I pour in the proper amount of water and nuke it for the prescribed 3.5 minutes.  Well, I get distracted with the never-ending slew of emails and realize that I've still got the Easy Mac in the microwave just sitting there all by its lonesome.  I figure it's cold by now so I nuke it for another minute or so.  Then I add the cheese powder just like the directions say and mix it up as best as I could.  Here's the end result:

I botched it up bad!  I inadvertently microwaved all of the water out of the thing so the cheese powder didn't have anything to mix with except for gooey clumps of over-nuked macaroni.  The picture doesn't do the ineptitude of my "cooking" any justice.  A baboon couldn't have messed this thing up any worse.  One bite would have zero cheese while the very next bite would be a cheese overload.  Yeah, I still ate it.  It was a pride thing.

The only redeeming thing I can take from this latest bout of stupidity is that at least the fire alarm didn't go off and the fire trucks didn't come to our building like they did two days later after someone burned up some popcorn pretty bad at work.  Hah!  I'm not the worst.

There is one other redeeming thing from this whole episode.  I giggled my head off.  After a very stressful time with Jake and the emergency room, it was good to be able to laugh at something - even if it was myself.

Good thing I married an awesome cook.


Em and the Fam

She IS an awesome cook! And its pretty funny what happened to your mac and cheese!

Globetrotting Gamine

i'm so sorry about your mac and cheese...damned microwaves!

love your blog- can't wait to read more- i'm now following!

-the globetrotting gamine


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