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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Thoughts #2

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Football thoughts:  Ryan Mallet looked pretty darn good last night...up until that game changing pass.  Ohio State's zone blitz got him and he threw a horrible interception to a defensive lineman that doesn't normally go back into coverage.  I'm pretty sure the Buckeye defender that intercepted the ball is one of the five players that will be suspended for the first five games next football season. If the transgression was so grievous to warrant a five game suspension, why weren't those players suspended for last night's Sugar Bowl?  They should've been.  Oh well, the SEC domination over Ohio State had to end some time.  I wonder if the Dolphins have a shot at drafting Mallet?

Navy thoughts:  I haven't seen the Enterprise videos yet.  Darn shame.  Everything I hear about the Skipper (Commanding Officer) has been really positive.  You never like to see good officers get fired.  I've seen some pretty interesting things on the aircraft carrier TV broadcast over the years.  One guy even taped a surgery he had while onboard the ship.  I think it was a big cyst he had removed.  Entertaining (I guess) but would probably earn some type of reprimand if it was shown in today's Navy.  Sheesh, I guess posting the "Naked Day on the Aircraft Carrier" video on Youtube is out of the question.

Jake's thoughts (word for word from the little guy himself):  "My soup tastes like the moon.  I know because I've been on the moon.  Well, I haven't actually been on the moon.  You guys knew that, right?"

Canine thoughts:  A friend recently asked for dog advice on Facebook.  She got a ton of responses.  Get this, get that.  Carol was the only one to mention adopting from the Humane Society or a shelter.  A few months from now, as the novelty and cuteness of that Christmas puppy wears off and the reality sets in that you actually have to take care of that animal, shelters all over the country will be teaming with former Christmas present dogs that will have to be put to sleep due to overcrowding.  Adopt a pet instead of going to the pet store.  Save an animal's life!

Random picture (as random as closing my eyes and double clicking on a bunch of pictures can be):

So this is from my 40th birthday party in Korea.  That's Big Daddy in the middle.  Tripp Blanton is a great American.  He and I were the two Commanding Officers there in Busan.  He was the 837th Transportation Battalion Commander while I was the CO of Military Sealift Command Korea.  You can't help but smile when you're around him.  He was recently selected for Colonel.  It was sad saying bye to Tripp and his family.  I have a feeling we'll see each other again sometime down the road.  Even though he's older than me, he got me some Ben-gay, hemorrhoid cream and Metamucil laxative for my birthday.  Sweet.  More randomness later...


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