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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Thoughts #3

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Marriage thought:  I'm horrible.  We've been in Tennessee since July and Carol and I have only had one date night.  It was a good one though - Navy Ball at the Peabody followed by listening to rock and blues on Beale Street.  Ended with an overnight stay at the Peabody.

Technology thought:  Internet was down at the house for a week.  I broke out in hives.  Since we didn't have our Comcast internet for a week, Carol made sure our bill was reduced by a week.  Word.

Navy thought:  Tough times, even with reliable professions like the military.  The Navy just announced that it's doing a SERB - Selective Early Retirement Board.  About 100 Commanders and 100 Captains will be asked to retire early.  Navy Personnel Command always has things going on.  Tough times.

Food thought:  Wasabi and soy sauce almonds - awesome!  Buy them now.  When you eat them, don't just start chewing though.  Let 'em sit in your mouth for a few seconds so you can max out the flavor.  You can thank me later.

Football thought:  Dang Jets!  Gotta give it to them though.  While this team won't be remembered for its humility, what an awesome win and really nice coaching job by Rex Ryan.  His talk the week prior drew attention away from the 45-3 stomping they got just a few weeks ago from the Patriots.  He had his boys ready and fired up.  Bringing in Dennis Byrd as a surprise speaker - genius.  I feel an emotional let down coming up for them against the Steelers though.  It's like they're satisfied with beating the Patriots.  We'll see.

Random picture:

This is the old mirror that's been in the Cruz family for as long as I can remember.  It's now sitting on the fireplace mantel of my brother Lee's house in North Carolina.  When I saw it two weeks ago during a visit, I had a flashback to when I was a kid.  I remember not being quite tall enough to see my reflection.  One day during one of Dad's patented fits of uncontrollable rage (are there any other kind?), he threw me across the living room.  It was like slow motion.  I recall this great sense of amazement while I was mid-air, looking down at the tops of my brothers and sister's heads and thinking, "neat."  I just never experienced that visual perspective before.  While still airborne, I also remember catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror right before I crash landed into the couch.  I don't remember what the heinous crime was that drew the ire of my father.  I'm sure it was something outrageous like leaving a single dish in the sink or not having my sock drawer inspection ready.  Ah, those were the days.  It was good to see that the mirror landed in a happy setting - the lovely home that Lee and his new bride Cathy now call home.    

So after the flashback, I dug up this old gem.  There's the family mirror on the left of the picture.  I'm guessing this photo was taken over 30 years ago.  I'm probably smiling because of my awesome "Chris" patch emblazoned on my jacket.  Nifty.  We were pretty happy on that Christmas day.  Dad's snapping the picture and my oldest brother Alan is popping a zit onto the mirror.  Good times.  Until the next random moment...


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