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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Gun Show!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Here's CJ showing off his guns in front of the 5 inch gun onboard the USS STOCKDALE.  Carol and I are wondering how we're gonna get this kid to come out of his shell.  Notice how he's clamming up around the girls in the background.

So this is during a ship tour after my good friend Lex Walker's change of command ceremony.  The STOCKDALE is in great hands.

Every now and then, Carol hears CJ banging around upstairs when he's supposed to be in bed.  He'll sneak away to the bonus room to workout on the Bowflex or throw some weights around.  I do like the Bowflex by the way.  You can hang a lot of clothes on it.

I'm glad CJ is getting into fitness.  I'm pretty sure he's proud of his abs.  I know this because he told me he's proud of his abs.  I tell him that those aren't abs - that's malnutrition.  I shouldn't talk.  Carol and I were also lean creatures when we were his age.  Keep it up boy!


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