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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Saturday, October 22, 2011
Meet Pickles, the newest addition to the Cruz family:

We think she's a girl but we're not really sure.  Our niece Jena found Pickles while turtle hunting at Leenie's lake house in Alabama this summer.

CJ managed to talk Mom and Dad into keeping Pickles even though his track record for keeping pets alive was less than stellar.  The recent fish tank experiment did not go well.  Jerry, George, Kramer and Newman - all dead.  It was like the underwater Bubonic Plague.  Bring out your dead!  Newman the bottom feeding catfish, lasted the longest, but alas, we could not stave off his untimely demise.  It was a busy couple of days for the toilet bowl.

Fortunately, our cold-blooded friend Pickles seems to be a hearty creature.  She's evaded death for a couple of months now.  It's relaxing to watch her swim around and let her eat out of our hands.  I also appreciate that she keeps her salmonella to herself.  Just kidding there.  She is totally disease free.  We think.

p.s.  Carol reminded me that CJ didn't talk Mom into anything.  I guess it was all on me to allow CJ to kill another animal, I mean have another pet.  Okay Pickles - it's up to you to live a long and healthy life.  To spite Mom of course.



Unrelated, sorta, but now I want a pickle. One of those really big fat ones from a barrel. I'm thinking 7-11 or a supermarket, but I'm not sure they still sell them!

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